Letter ID: 1066
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.192r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1066/008
Date: 08 August 1591
Note: On fol.192r there is the signature 'HH', in the left hand margin and at the base of the page.
Copy of: 0328



Later Addition: [Belgia] 1591 8 August To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: August

May it please your good L. there is nothing more understood of the ennemyes proceedinges, then that which I writ in my last from the Haghe. That some parte of his forces are passed the Maese the rest as yet remayning about Vendlo & Ruremonde The Duke himself with some companies of horse & foote is gon to the Spa, having left Verdugo to command in his absence. The forces of this countrey ly continually in the Betuwe between Wageningen & Rhenen & do not intend to passe the Wael, till they see that the ennemy is furder removed. It doth appeare by certaine lettres which wee have newly intercepted that the ennemy is much moved with his late losses in thes countreys & conceaveth litel hope of his happy succes in this sommers exploites. There is one father Holt an English Jesuit in theyr camp, unto whom there were lettres addressed in english not conteyning any matter that is greatly worth the knowing, but yet discovering some fugitives & theyr present intent to come for england. I have sent heerinclosed the original lettres. I am demanded at this present by the Councel of state what her Majesty hath resolved in the affaires of Ostend. for Master Caron doth certify that her Highnes intention hath bin signified unto mee, & that I have bin required to deal with the states that Commissaries may be chosen on both sides, for a final redresse of all theyr griefes. But as yet I had no lettre to any such effect neither from her Majesty nor from your L. nor any at all at any time since the 18 of June. Howbeit as in several other lettres I have writen to your L. it is greatly behoofull that some such order should bee taken, & that verie speedely for the states of Zeland have written flatly to the Councel, theyr lettre bearing date the 2 of this moneth, that forasmuch as they have not hethertoo provided for the reformation of those abuses of the Governor of Ostend they them selves will seek some remedy. But how theyr mening is to deal I can not yet advertise. Moreover I have bin told that it hath bin sayd by some spetiall parsons of the states assembly at the Hage, that except the governor will relent & keepe within the boundes of his commission from the contrey they will tolerate no longer & declare him rebel. And so I do assure my self, as I have alwaies signified in my lettres to your L. that they will rather proceed to termes fol.192v

Endorsed: To my L. [Treasurer] August 8 [1591]

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: August

of hostility then be bridled by the Governor in the administration of theyr goverment. Wherin her majesties service is avantaged now by these endevors of the Governor, more then otherwise yt might be by an ordinary meanes with the countrys approbation or les discontentment, I cannot conjecture of my self, & truly as hethertoo I have bin privy to nothing by the Governors information. I do protest unto your L. I do not affect in mine owne regard to know any thing kinde of matter that is not properly partinent to the place, where I am trusted which I hold to be sufficient to keep mee busye in my charges. Nevertheles I finde yt very requesit in affaires of any moment that no innovation should bee made, by Governor or other of her Majesties ministers but yt should bee first imparted & so practised or not practised with effectual correspondence, with whosoever shalbee here to reside in Councel for her Highnes. for otherwise, bee yt said with submission to your L. correction, howsoever they are led with apparance of good courses, they may fall very easily into many mistakinges, & such great inconveniences, as may prejudice her Majesty & these countreys very highly. which I signifye thus boldly, provoked therunto through the great desire /that/ I have to acquit my duty to her Majesty with unfayned service, & through my wounted confidence, that your L. will accept my speaking cleerly in such causes. And so I take &c. Arnham. August 8 1591