Letter ID: 1061
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.183r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1061/008
Date: 23 July 1591
Copy of: 0324



Later Addition: Belgia [15]91 [23] July To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: July.

May it please your good L. to be advertised, that as I was willed by my LL. of the Councel. I acquainted Count Maurice with her Majesties request, for some assistance of ships to be presently employed against the Indies fleet, But as I signified to my LL. in the answere, which I sent the 13 of this moneth, the Countes authority would not stretch to the setting forth of anye shippes, it was a matter of great expens, & required the resolution of the general states in that behalf, who then resided at the Hage. Albeit I had no charge to sollicit the states in that behalf, & Count Maurice his answer had put mee clean out of hope of speeding in my motion, yet becaus I parceaved that nothing could be don, but by meanes of the states, I addressed forth with a letter unto them, requesting both the Count & the Councel of state to doo the like. Howbeyt before our letters came unto them, the whole assembly of the states were coming to this towne. wherby the letters were undelivered, But I dealt with them heer assoone as they came, omitting nothing that I thought might drawe them forward to do somewhat, Theyr answere unto mee was the same in effect, as I receaved of Co. Maurice. That they had no shippes of that burden that was proposed, That the shortnes of time would parmit them to do nothing That without the pritivy & warrant of the Provinces which could not be procured under 4 or 5 weekes, they could take no resolution. That they douted therin the rest incli- nation of the Provinces, by reason of this warre that is so burdensome unto them, as they are every daye forced to extraordinary charges, having gathered this yeare verye great contributions, aswell for the augmentacion of their forces, as for the the assistance of France with mony & otherwise This was it in substance which they signified unto mee wherin they were so setled, as no reply would prevaile, which I humbly beseech you, occasyon requiring, to report unto the LL. They have now made an end of theyr long consultation about the course of theyr traffique aswell with the ennemy elswhere as in Spaine. I have not seen yt as yet, nor it is not yet freely set downe fol.183v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: July.

in writing: but they are still buisied about yt, & when it is finished they will exhibit it unto mee. Heer is nothing yet resolved, about the next employment of our forces, which will depend altogether upon the ennemyes cowrses, of which nothing more is knowen then I signified in my last, of his encamping by Nieumegen. The brute doth yet continew of his going for France, which is hardly beleeved of many men heer: for that then it is thought hee should loose undoutedly both Nieumegen, & Bosleducke & leave many other places for a pray to our armye, which mighte happely occasyon a general revolt. There is a speech at this present that Verdugo shal returne towardes Groningen, with his former forces, & a furder renforcement. The mutins of Diest & Herentals, do parsist in theyr mutiny, as wee are advertised. Such among them as have made incursyons into Liege, & spoyled the Countrey upon the entercession of the cleargy of Liege, are excommunicate by the Pope. Wheruppon the mutins, besydes that pay which they have hethertoo demanded, require to bee absolved of the forsayd excomunication, which they refuse to receave, & precisely stand upon it, unles yt bee confirmed by the Popes owne hand. Upon a general revewe that is made of this campe, as it lyeth now by Arnham, they are found to be 7200 footmen, from & 1600 horse, no absentes, nor sick, nor hurt parsons accounted. There is also expected an augmentation of theyr footmen, from divers of theyr garrisons, knowing no other matter worthy the advertisement I take my &c. From Arnham. July 23 1591.