Letter ID: 1059
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.179r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1059/008
Date: 13 July 1591
Copy of: 0320



Endorsed: To my LL. of the Counsel. July 13 1591.



Later Addition: Belgia: 1591. July

Later Addition: Belgia 1591 13 July To the Lords of the Councell

May it please your good LL. to be advertised, that I Rxd your letter of the 13 of June, the 9th of this present being then at the camp betwene Deventer & Arnham, It was adressed unto me from Midelburg, the 1 of this present by one, that Rxd it there of the comissary Sparahauk the last of June. which I do specifie so precisely, to let your LL understand, that by reason that letter was so long upon the waie, I could answer no sooner to that that was required. Having signified to Comt Maurice what her Majesty required for the arming of 10. shippes of that burden & with such provision as your LL. write unto me, he desired me for answer to signify againe, that hee had no authority at all to dispose of the shipping of these provinces, unles yt were at home, & for the ordinary service of the Countrey. It was a matter belonging to the assembly of the States, which hee douted very much would resolve to do nothing, unles they had theyr warrant from the Provinces in particular; Also hee shewed me that ther was no shippes of warre in these countrys of a 100 tonnes as her Majesty doth require, & that, 5 of theyr greatest are alredy employed upon the coast of France at the Kinges requisition. I receavd the lik answer from the Councel of State, to whom I made the like ouverture as I did unto the Court, & as by order from her Majesty/ But because yt was a matter that went beyond theyr commission, I delt both with them & with Comt Maurice to recommend yt effectually to the general states & to signify unto them, that although they had no shipping of theyr owne of the same burden, they might make provisyon of marchantes shipps, & appropriat them easily for the service, or otherwise they mighte induce the marchantes to adventure for them selves promising unto them as I had proposed a ratable share of every prise in proportion to theyr charge. To this effect they have written in as effectuall manner as I coud desyre, & I have sent theyr instant request with mine owne to the generall states fol.179v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591. July.

with instant request, that for winning of time, they would direct theyr letters of answer not unto me where I am at this present but ether to her Majesty or your LL. or to theyr agent master Caron to be reported to her Highnes. & this is as much as possibly I can effect, unles your LL lettre had come sooner to my handes which I am also much in dout, lest the general states will alleage for theyr excuse. For the state of all thinges heer in these martiall affairs, because my L. Treasuror hath alwaies vouchsafed to acquaint both her Majesty & your LL with the ocurrences of my letters, I presume in that respect upon his L. speciall care & your honorable favor in the acceptance of my service, And so I take &c. From Arnham, July 13. 1591