Letter ID: 0320
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/217 f.217r-218v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0320/008
Date: 13 July 1591
Note: There are four vertical lines of emphasis in the left margin against the statement that Maurice lacks the authority to deliver 10 ships.
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Later Addition: 13 July 91

Endorsed: 13 July 1591 Master Bodeley to my L. from Arnham./

Addressed: To the right honorable the Lordes and others of her Majesties privy Councel.


May it please your good LL. to be adver- tised, that I receaved your letter of the 13. of June, the 9. of this present, being then at the campe, betweene Deventer and Arnham. It was addressed unto me from Middlebourgh, the 1. of this present, by one that receaved it there of the Commissary Sparahauke, the last of June. Which I doe specifie so precisely, to lett your LL understand, that by reason that letter was so longe upon the way, I could answear no sooner to that which was required. Having signified to Count Maurice, What her Majestie requested for the arming of 10. shippes of that burden, and with suche provision, as your LL writte unto me, he desired me for answear to signifie againe, that he had no autoritie at all to dispose of the shipping of these Provinces, unles it were at home, and for the ordinary service of the contrey. It was a mater belonging to the assembly of the states, which he doubted very muche would resolve to doe nothing, unles they had their warrant from the Provinces in particular Also he shewed me, that there were no shippes of warre in these contreis of a 100. tonnes, as her Majestie doth require: and that 5 of their greatest are already imploied upon the coast of France, at the kinges requisition. I receaved the like answear from the Councel /of/ state, to whome I made the same ouverture, as I did unto the Count, and as by order from her Majestie. But because it was a mater, that went beyonde their commission I dealt both with them and with Count Maurice to recommend it effectually to the General states fol.217v
and to signify unto them, that although they had no shipping of their owne of the forsaid bur- den, they might make provision of marchants shippes, and appropriat them easely for that service, or otherwise they might induce the marchants to adventure for themselves, promising unto them, as I had proposed, a ratable share of every prise, in proportion to their charge. To this effect they have written, in as earnest maner, as I could desire, and I have sent their letters with mine owne to the General states, with instant request, that for winning of time, they would direct their letters of answear, not unto me, where I am at this present, but ether to her Majestie or to your LL. or to their Agent Master Caron, to be reported to her Highnes. And this is as muche as I can possiblely effect, unles your LL. letter had come sooner to my handes: which I am very /also/ muche in doubt, lest the General states will alleage for their excuse. For the state of all thinges heere in their martiall affaires, be- cause my L. Treasurer hath alwaies vouche- safed to acquaint both her Majestie and your LL with the occurrences of my letters, I presume in that behalf upon his L. special care, and your honorable favour in the acceptance of my service. And so I take my humble leave: From Arnham. July 13 1591. Your L. most humble at commaundement Tho. Bodley