Letter ID: 1025
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.123r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1025/008
Date: 03 April 1591
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Endorsed: To my LL. of the Councel April 3 1591



Later Addition: Belgia: 1591. April

Later Addition: Belgia

Later Addition: 1591 3 Aprill To the L. of the Councell

May it please your good LL. Wheras the L. Willugby hath bin an earnest sutor to the states of those countreys for a certain debt of 1333li 19shillings which his L. doth demand for his entertenment as Governor of Berghen op. Zome & for a companie of horse to bee paid by the states: & hath bin also long delaied for the somme of 2000li more which is dew unto his L upon the forfaiture of a bond by the sureties of Martin de la Faylia. In both the foresaid causes, according as your L. directed mee to deal I have urged the States for expedition & favour. Onely that which concerneth Martin de la Failla is not to bee decided as your LL understood yt by the General states or by the Councell of states. but by the Highe Court of Holland, in which the please & poursuites of the countrey ar determined by course of Lawe. Nevertheles to the end his L. might not loose the benefit of your earnest mediation, I have sollicited the states to recommend that matter as from themselves to the said high court, to the end they should dispatch yt with dew regard to his L. & the equity of his cause. I have also spoken to the President of that court. Using both her Highnes & your LL names to the same effect as I was willed to speake unto the states, but because of that which I proposed in the assembly of the States, as their manner is commonly, they required a memorial to be given in writing, I exhibited that unto them, which I have joyned to this lettre, with theyr answere unto yt, assuring your LL that I have used spetiall meanes to procure the L. Willughby some better satisfaction, which yet I see is come to nothing, so as now for mine owne parte I am fully parswaded, that onely tract of time, & his L good forbearance must winne more favour at theyr handes. The first parte of theyr answere concerneth nothing that is mentioned in your LL. lettre, but being willed by her Majesty to motion that matter & a fit opportunity serving for yt, I inserted all together, wherby their answere is framed to all that I proposed. It was her Majesties pleasure, they should bee required to arme some convenient nomber of theyr shippes, to meet with that provision, which is newly made by the ennemy upon the coast of Flandres, & in France, What they have parformed in that respect, it will partly appeer by their answere unto mee, but more in particular by the note that I have sent annexed to theyr answere, & so my commending my service to your honorable acceptance I take [.] my humble leave. Hage April 3 1591.