Letter ID: 0997
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.60r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0997/008
Date: 03 February 1591
Copy of: 0282



Later Addition: Belgia. 1591 stilo Romano 3 February To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: February

May yt please your good L. to advertise her Majestie, that wheras in her letter to the States, & in an other to my self, there is mention made of a former lettre sent hether, wherin I should bee willed to propose the self same matter to the States, which hath bin heare delivered by Sir John Norreis, I have not yet receaved the foresaid letter, not any other lettre to anie such effect. Your L. onely in your laste of the 30 of December vouchsafed to declare that her Highnes would gladly have the use of her forces, that are out of the 4 Townes, to serve a purpose by sea to the aide of the french Kinge in Brittaine, which was so set downe in generall wordes unto mee without any motion unto mee to have yet proposed to the states of the Country. How the message is accepted because Sir John Norreis will certifie at large, I should but trouble your L. to repeat yt again. For mine owne particular her Highnes being pleased to take this course with the country I will give him what assistance any waie I shall bee able. But otherwise I am still of that opinion that I imparted unto yow the 14 of the laste. It is greatly to bee douted least the new contribution, which is almoste accorded for the levye of 3000 foote & 3000 horse will come to nothing. For I do see by many tokens they doe Imagine alredy, that if the forces of these countreys shalbee much more encreased, her majesty will take yt for a fitt opportunity to lessen her charges, in hope, that as then the withdrawing of her subjectes wilbee voyd of danger to the State. The speech is given out, that the States of Holland have alredy past theyr graunt for 60000 poundes sterling for theyr portion. They doo greatly dislike the solicitation of the frenche for the imployment of these forces in Brittaine, And I stand in dout therupon, for that in a manner they speak yt openly, that they will not contribute to the Germaine Levyes. The States doo resolve as I am told at fol.60v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1501: February

this present, to write unto her Majesty out of hand, & shortly after to send some parson of purpose, to disswade her in this matter, For I never see them for any thing so /farre/ out of temper. My warning is so short upon the departure of this bearer, that I cannot write at such length as willingly I would. The party of Zeland which was the discoverer of that matter, wherwith I acquainted your L. in sondry letters, is come newly to the Hage, & hath made his ouverture much better by a new instruction, which I will specifye in my next. to the end yt may be followed with good expedition & proceeded in effectually to her Highnes content. I trust your L. will allow, that I should impart the whole desseigne to Sir John Norris, & use this advise for the accomplishing of that, which is to bee required, or otherwise parfourmed of us that are heer. The Gouvernor of Flushing, hath had somewhat of late disclosed unto him which himself will signify unto your L. touching this exploit. But the plott as yt seemeth is yet but maymed & unparfecte. & thus for this present I take my humble leave. Hage. February 4. 90.

I thought it not impartinent to send yow an extract heerinclosed of a point or two, that I have noted in crtaine letters that were lately intercepted by the garrison of Berghen. The speech that is heer that the Emperors Ambassadores are at hand; & that theyr peace is proposed with pleasing conditions doth very much amase the discreeter sort among the people For though the greater parte of the chiefest parsons of these Provinces are nothing to bee douted, yet bicause the multitude is humorous & guided by no man, & is witha[ll] very weary of these daily exactions, wherewith their war[[res]] must be maintened, yt is greatly to be feared that [[they]] will commit some suddain follie, from which they will [not be] reclaymed by any after parsuasion. In which respect [I could have] wished as I have formerly signified that Sir John [Norreis] had come hether in a fiter opportunity. For altho[ugh it be] but a borrowing of so many men for a time, yet [it will be] understood by the commons of the Country, to bee [a plaine] revocation of her Majesties forces. And thus for this present [[&c]] Hagh February 3. 90.