Letter ID: 0992
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.29r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0992/008
Date: 16 January 1591
Copy of: 0280



Later Addition: Belgia 1591 stilo Romano 16 January To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: January

May it please your good L. wheras petition hath bin made to the generall states for the encreasing of the forces of these contreys with an extraordinary levy of 3000 foote & 300 horse to bee emploied in the field for 7 monethes the same is urged continually by the Councell of State, And besides they are in hand with a new Remonstrance, for the reducing of every cornet of horse in their paie, which are commonly now of 70 horse to the nomber of 120. They have also determined to crave her Majesties assistance for the like augmentation to bee made in the english horsbandes. for the effecting wherof both the Councell & Count Maurice have entreated mee earnestly, to hold a good hand in their behalf, & to accompany theyr sute, with my private letters to her Majesty. The alleage unto mee for yt, that her Highnes forwardnes therin, will move her Provinces sooner to passe their assentes & though the surcharge in 4 cornets, for 7 monethes will mount to very littell for her Majestyes portion, yet in computation of the whole, the renforcement will rise to a round encrease, withall they are in hope, that although their proposition to the States doth specifie but 7 moneths yet when their purpose is obtained, they shalbee able by parswasion, to continew them still in the self same state. For answer wherunto I lett them understand, how excessively & without intermission her Highnes is charged with the warres of these countreys, with relieving the French K. with disborsing of her treasure for the germaine levies, with fournishing her shippes to anoy the ennemy by sea, & sondry other waies for which I could not bee parswaded shee would willinglie enter into a farder charge, especially heer where her Majestie they see doth continually protest against theyr ingratitude. Nevertheles being one of their assembly, I would not refuse to joyne my letters with theirs, & to bee as earnest in their causes as conveniently I might, my duty respected. And as I am often bold upon my wonted confidence in your honorable liking to saie my opinion to many thinges, so I thinke it not impartinent to signifie in this, that though her Majesty bee not willing, as I presume shee is not, to hearken to their fol.29v

Endorsed: To my L. Treasuror January 16. 90.

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: January

motion, yet it will bee very requisite, to entertaine the Councell for a time, in some litell kinde of hope of obtaining their sute. for they will use yt as a meanes to drawe the generality to a greater contribution, for the foresaid levies, & besides as I writ in my former, two daies past yf her Highnes bee resolved to send some parte of her forces to the aide of the french King, when the country is provided of these new supplies, the withdrawing of her subjectes wilbee lesse offensive to this people, & not so hurtfull to their cause as yt is greatly to bee feared yt might otherwise prove. But your L. knowing theyr demaund will easily conceave what awnswere ys fittest, which refer accordinglie to your L. wisdome, & take my humble leave. January 16. 90. From the Hague