Letter ID: 0280
Reference: TNA, SP 84/41/48 f.48r-49v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0280/008
Date: 16 January 1591
Copies: 0992 


Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England

Endorsed: 16 January 1590 Master Bodeleie to my L. The purpose of the States to be suitors to hir Majestie for the [engreatinge] of the English Horsebandes./

Later Addition: 16 January 90/1


May it please your good L. wheras petition hath bin made to the General States, for the increa- sing of the forces of these contreis, with an extra- ordinarie levie of 3000 foote, and 300 horse, to be imploied in the fielde for 7 monethes, the same is urged continually by the Councel of state: and besides they are in hand with a newe remonstrance for the reducing of every cornet of horse, in their pay, whiche are commonly nowe of 70 horse, to the nomber of 120. They have also determi- ned to crave her Majesties assistance, for the like aug- mentation to be made in the Englishe horsebandes: for effecting wherof both the Councell and Count Maurice have intreated me earnestly, to hold a good hand in their behalf and to accompanie their sute, with my privat letters to her Majestie. They alleage unto me for it, that her Highnes for- wardnes therein will move the Provinces the sooner, to passe their assents: and thoughe the surcharge in 4 cornets, for 7 monethes, will mount to very litle for her Majesties portion, yet in computa- tion of the whole, the renforcement will arise to a rownde increase. Withall they are in hope, that although their Proposition to the states, doth specifie but 7 monethes, yet when their pur- pose is obtened, they shall be able by persua- sion, to continue them still in the self same state.

For answear wherunto I lette them understand, howe excessively, and without intermission her Highnes is charged, with the warres of these contreis, with relieving the Frenche Kinge, with disboursing of her treasure for the Germaine Levies, with furnishing her shippes to annoye the fol.48v
Enemie by sea, and sundrie other waies, for which I could not be persuaded, that she would willingly enter into a further charge, especially heere, where her Majestie they see, doth continually protest against their ingratitude. Nevertheles being one of their assembly, I would not refuse, to joine my letters with theirs, and to be as earnest in their cause, as conveniently I might, my duty respected.

And as I am often bold, upon my wonted confidence in your honorable liking, to say my opinion to many thinges, so I thinke it not impertinent to signifie in this, that though her Majestie be not willing, as I presume she is not, to hearken to their motion, yet it will be very re- quisit, to intertene the Councel for a time, in some litle kinde of hope of obtening of their sute. For they will use it as a meanes, to drawe the generallitie to a greater contribution, for the for- said levies: and besides, as I writte in my former, two daies past, if her Highnes be resol- ved to send some part of her forces to the aide of the Kinge, when the contrey is provided of these newe supplies, the withdrawing of her subjects will be lesse offensive to this people, and not so hurtfull to their cause, as it is greatly to be feared it might otherwise prove. But your L. knowing their demaunde will easely conceave what answear is fittest which I referre accordingly to your L. wisedome, and take my humble leave. From the Hage. January 16. 90. Your L. most humbly bounden. Tho. Bodley