Letter ID: 0367
Reference: TNA, SP 84/43/278 f.278r-279v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0367/008
Date: 12 December 1591
Copy of: 1225



Later Addition: 1591 December 12. United Provinces

Endorsed: 12. December 1591.

Endorsed: A lettre to Master Bodley


Right trustie and Welbeloved wee greet yow well. Having longe observed your faithfull dillidence in all such Services as by us yow have bene commaunded to deale in, Wee have reposed an assured trust in your proceadinges there (as any occasion should be offred yow by the place yow hold) to shewe ether care or judgement in the carriages of our affaires And althoughe wee knowe our Threasurer (from whom yow have receaved our directions) hath not forgotten to advertize yow of this our good conceipt, as well as he hath still informed us of the good Accompt yow have yelded of all suche thinges as have /carriadg of your self in all our affaires ther, from tyme to tyme/ bene /as they/ particulerlie recommended unto yow by him of our part: Neverthelesse for your better satisfaccion, and incouragement, to continewe your former good indevores, having nowe /of late/ especiallie under stood by /your lettres to/ our said Threasurer howe discreetlie yow have caried /handled/ the cause of this pretended Treatye of a pacificacion wherin nothing is lesse intended /than a good peace/ how cullerablie soever it maie disguized, With shewes of sincere meaninge: Wee have thought good by our owne hand to lett yow understand that yow serve not a Prince that will forgett at anie tyme, or in any occasion, to make yow knowe howe well wee accept of your great desire to please us, And dilligent Care in tyme to forsee and prevent such [.] /sinister/ practizes as may ether be prejudiciall to us, or fol.278v
or dangerous to the state of those Contries wherin we have employed yow./