Letter ID: 0310
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/124 f.124r-125v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0310/008
Date: 06 June 1591
Copies: 1048 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 6 Junij 1591. Master Bodeley to my L. By Collonel Methkerkes brother./

Later Addition: 6 June 91


May it please your good L. It is nowe de- termined, that the towne of Groeninghen shall be presently attempted: for whiche the troupes are risen, and marching already. Their artillerie is embarcked and sent away before. But whether they will use the benefit of her Highnes letters, which were written so long sins, and I have still in my custody, I can not readily conjecture. But being often required by the Councelsletters to repaire unto them, I thinke they have a meaning, when no other meanes will serve their turne, to use the countenance of her Majestie. If it come to that passe, I will advise upon the best for her Hignes contentacion. For I have seene by good tokens, that Count William is afraid to be sette byside the government, if the towne be reduced by her Majesties autoritie for which I thinke he will endevor to prevaile an other way. The party whiche I imploied about the recoverie of those papers and bookes, that came out of spaine, hath spedde of his purpose, and hath all already in his custody. Because his dwelling is in Amsterdam, and my way into Frise, (where I thinke within these two daies to meete the Councell) is by Amsterdam, I will take the writinges to my self, and convey them from thens by the speediest meanes that I can finde.

The bearer herof is the brother of Captain Methekerke , that was slaine of late in the siege of Deventer.He comes an humble sutor to your L. to obtene his brothers place, which fol.124v
in the judgement of those, that have seene the proofe of his valiant cariage, he will deserve in all respectes aswell as his brother. Whiche being notified unto me, by those that knowe his suffi- ciencie, I could not but report it, and recom- mend him effectually to your L. favor.

This day I have written a letter to your L. by an Englishe souldier, whiche came hither from Brussels, where, as he saieth, he had bin pri- soner 5 weekes. His comming to me was for a letter to your L. or to some other of my LL. of the Councel, to the ende he might be heard in disclosing of a practise among the fugitives of Brussels, for the setting a fire of her Majesties shippes. Sins his going from hens I have learned by enquirie, that he caried about him a bagge full of dallers, to a farre greater summe, then a common souldier, and a man of simple qualitie and shewe should seeme to have /well/ gotten, unles he were hired to a speciall purpose. Being asked of one that sawe his mony, what he meant to carie so muche about him, his answear was, that Sir Robert Sidney had put him in trust, to pay it at the campe, with sundrie other vaine and unprofitable/bable/ speeches: which I thought very re- quisit to impart unto your L. because it ca- rieth suspicion of some thing els intended, then the service he professeth. Notwith- standing many constant reportes, that we have had in these contreis, that the mutins of Diest and Herentalswere paid and contented, fol.125r
the bruite is otherwise at this present, for that the Duke, as they say, hath no kinde of meanes to satisfie their demaundes. Withall it is adver- tised, that other like mutinies are begonne in other places. And thus for this present I take my humble leave. From the Hage. 1591. June 6. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.