Letter ID: 0307
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/97 f.97r-98v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0307/008
Date: 01 June 1591
Copies: 1046 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 1o Junij 1591 Master Thomas Bodelely. to my L.

Later Addition: 1 June 91


May it please your good L. I receaved this day her Majesties letter, wherof the date was omitted, with two from your L. of the 12 and 21 of May. by which I am required to deale with the states about the abuse of their traffique: and with the Councel of state both in that, and the maters of Ostend, as also with others in affaires of other qualitie.

To the General states, which are heere remaining, I will resort at their first assembly. Howbeit the Councel of state, as I have formerly written, is departed hens, and resideth at Zutphen, re- pairing daily to the Campe, as occasions are pre- sented. I had bin with them long er this, as they have often required by their letters unto me, but because the General states continue still heere, and I had not heard from your L. sins the 9 of April, for which I expected somwhat by the first, to be imparted unto them, I thought to attend the receat of my next from your L. And nowe what answear shall be made by the states in this place, I will certifie from hens: and depart im- mediatly upon it to the Councel of state, whose answear in like maner I will presently re- turne. And for the recoverie of those bookes and specialties, which were brought out of Spaine, I have already dispatched Master Gilpin towardes Amsterdam, with so sufficient instruction, as I hope; if they be to be had, your L. desire shall be thorowly accomplished. The opportunitie of this bearer doth cause me to signifie somwhat thus in general upon the sight of my letters. The bearers name is Christopher Kennet an officer of Sir Thomas Shirley, deputed for the paiment of the companies in field, and the Garrisons of Flushing fol.97v
and Berghen, as likewise for the sending of mony to the Brille and Ostend. In respect of his charge in these contreis I thought it not impertinent to name him to your L. and to certifie withall, that to my understanding, and in the common opinion of all that looke into his dealing, his diligence and discretion doth deserve a better testimony, then I have presently occasion to yelde in his behalf. And although I thinke Sir Thomas Shirley hath some cause of importance, to calle him home for a time, yet for avoiding inconvenience, if the troupes at the campe be not duly provided, wherein I am required by this Councel to use all meanes of prevention, his speedy dispatche will be greatly requisit. There is no other occurrence, sins the writing of my last the 22 of May. This is only expected, that our forces being approched within half Canon shotte of the walles of Deventer, we shall heare by the first some good successe of the batterie. The Enemie we learne doth assemble all his forces, in all quarters, with intent to remove the siege to which effect, as letters report that come to this place, he hath fully appeased with paiment the mutins of Diest and Herentals. And /so/ for this present I take my humble leave. From the Hage. 1 Junij 1591. Your L most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley.

Postscript: At this very instant advertisment is come hither, that yesterday morning the towne of Deventer yelded, upon like composition as the towne of Zutphen. It was first battered, a breache made, and an assault given, in which the Englishe forces came so hotly forward, as they lost about 30 men, the breache being insufficient. But the Count endevouring by an other batterie to make a larger entrance, they surrendred. This is signified unto us by a speedy letter promising by the next suche further particularities as passed.