Letter ID: 0300
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/13 f.13r-14v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0300/008
Date: 05 May 1591
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 5 Maij 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L. List of the states Armie./

Endorsed: 5 May 91


May it please your good L. There is order here taken, for a Rendevous of the forces of these contreis, to be made in certaine places of the Betuwe and Veluwe, and all to be assembled the 14 of this moneth. I have sent your L. heere a list of the severall nombers, that are accorded to be drawen out of every Province. A fewe daies past the house of Westerloo in Brabant, adjoining to Herentals, a place of some strength, and apper- tening to the Baron of Merode, was surprised by the souldiers of Breda. Yonge Merode the sonne, by whome the house was kept, was ridden abroad a hunting, whereby they missed of his person. Howbeit the place was taken by a 120 souldiers, who continue in it still, and would willingly keepe it, against the force of the Enemie. For it lieth very fitly with a marishe about it, that the Enemie can not easely approche with any batterie. But heere is no resolution yet taken, whether it shall be held, or aban- doned. Also of late there have issued certaine troupes of Breda, to the nomber of 300 horse, and have defeated the horse company of the Count of Arrembergh, which was 200 strong, and lay into the contrey of Valkenbourgh, neere to Aquisgrave: wherof our souldiers had intelli- gence by two brethren, which being wronged by the Enemie, sought to be revenged, by ge- ving secret notice both of the meanes, and of fol.13v
the place, to assault them unwares. Besides those that were slaine, there are brought to Breda, about 60 horses of service, and 18 prisoners. Moreover there hath bin of late a hotte encounter, between the Ligeois, and the mutins of Diest: in which were slaine a 150 Spaniardes, and of Liege 300 and the rest putt to flight. Heere is very good hope, that the quarel thus begonne, will be hardly taken up: which will come the Enemie ill to passe, considering his affaires have so many other crosses, which, as we are in- formed, increase every day, by their civil dis- sention. Having no other mater to advertise your L. I take my humble leave. From the Hage. May 5 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley