Letter ID: 0299
Reference: TNA, SP 84/41/362 f.362r-363v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0299/008
Date: 30 April 1591
Copies: 1032 



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur Edward Norreis Chevalier et Governeur de la ville d'Ostend

Endorsed: Master Bodley

Endorsed: April 30 / 91

Later Addition: 1591 April 30 [United Provinces]


Sir, The letter of this Councell, and the bearer therof, will signifie their desire: whiche is to intreat yow for the three com- panies, that were Lately sent unto yow, from Berghen and Flushing. If there might any danger growe upon it, they should wrong them selves aswell as yow, and there were no colour of reason, that yow should hearken unto them, as I knowe yow would not. But if the perill be past, as we hold it very certaine, by all our advertisments, in my opinion yow shall take a good course to shewe in this request, that yow are not unwilling to seeke their contentacion. For howe they are persuaded, yow can ghesse very easely by their letters unto yow, and I see no hope of any change, unles it be by your meanes. Howbeit of this mater I can but speake a farre of, and only that which I thinke in frindship. For unles I were with yow, and knewe as muche as your self both of the state of your Garrison, and of the reason of your actions, I must yeld, as I doe, to any course of proceeding, that yow in your wisedome shall hold to be fittest for her Majesties service. For whiche referring my good meaning to your frindly construction, I betake your endevors to Gods good direction. From the Hage. April 30 1591. Your assured and at commaundement Tho. Bodley