Letter ID: 0981
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.314r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0981/008
Date: 12 November 1590
Copy of: 0270



Later Addition: Belgia 1590: November


May it please your good L. having recom- mended, as I was willed, the cause of Coro- nel Stuart, to the General States, they have sent unto me a copie of the Scottishe Ambassa- dors Proposition, and of their answear unto it: also a copie of their letters to the Kinge, and to the Chancelor of Scotland: Whiche I have sent yow all together. Howbeit I doe presume, that the Ambassador himself, hath bin with yow, er this, and hath signified all by worde of mouth. Whiche I also thought by him, to have written to your L. but that he was not resolved, to take his jorney for England, when he parted from the Hage.

I am nowe assured by the Greffier of the states, that their answear to her Majestie is agreed upon, and written, and wanteth nothing but deliverie: whiche, as he hath understoode, shall be made unto me.

It was thought er this, that the Deputies appoin- ted for England, should have taken their voiage. But Silla the Pensioner of Amster- dam, whiche was one of the two, that was elected, hath refused the charge. Wherupon they are to seeke, howe their turne may be served.

Count Maurice is nowe at Utrecht to take possession of his gouvernment: and from thens he intendeth to visit Overyssel. Heere is every thing quiet, and for ought I can perceave, there is nothing meant to be exploited, but by way of surprise. For the fol.314v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: November

Count hath had a long practis in hand [in] tzertogenbosch, which hee carieth very secr[etly] and hath imparted it to none but in spe[cial] confidence, There are in the Towne that [.] that have promised by a certain nighte to open such a passage under grownd, by undermining the walles as there shalbee an entraunce for sufficient troupes to surpr[ise] the place, I may have many such secre[t] occasions, that would require a Cypher, which I beseech your L. to send mee if you thinck yt convenient. This day the Deputy of the Towne of Geneva, who hath sojourned heere since his coming out of England is departed towards Hamboro having [wholy] receaved the collection of the Provinces which amountes to no more but 1300 li ster Having nothing els of any moment I take my humble leave. At the Hage November 12. 90