Letter ID: 0270
Reference: TNA, SP 84/39/216 f.218r-219v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0270/008
Date: 12 November 1590
Copies: 0981 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 12 November 1590 Master Bodeley to my L. from the Hagh.

Later Addition: 12 November 90


May it please your good L. Having re- commended, as I was willed, the cause of Coronel Stuart, to the General states, they have sent unto me a copie of the Scottishe Ambassa- dors Proposition, and of their Answear ther- unto: also a copie of their letters to the King, and to the Chancelor of Scotland: whiche I have sent yow all together. Howbeit I do suppose, that the Ambassador himself hath bin with yow er this, and hath signified all by worde of mouthe. Whiche I also thought by him, to have written to your L. but that he was not resolved, to take his jorney for Eng- land, when he parted from the Hage.

I am nowe assured by the Greffier of the states, that their Answear to her Majestie is agreed upon, and written, and wanteth nothing but deliverie: which, as he hath under- stood, shall be made unto me. It was thought er this, that the Deputies appoin- ted for England, should have taken their voiage. But Silla the Pensioner of Amster- dam, which was one of the two, that was elected, hath refused the charge: wherupon they are to seeke, howe their turne may be served.

Count Maurice is nowe at Utrecht, to take possession of his government: and from thens he intendeth to visit Overissell.

Heere is every thing quiet, and for ought I can perceave, there is nothing meant to be exploited, but by the way of surprise. fol.218v
For the Count hath had a long practise in hand, upon Shertogenbosch: whiche he carieth very secretly, and hath imparted it to none, but in speciall confidence. There are in the towne it self, that have promised by a certain night, to open suche a passage under grownde, by un- dermining the wales, as there shall be an en- trance for sufficient troupes, to surprise the place. I may have many suche secret oc- casions, that would require a Cipher, whiche I beseeche your L. to send me, if yow thinke it convenient. This day the De- putie of the towne of Geneva, who hath sojor- ned heere, sins his comming out of England, is departed towardes Hambourgh: having wholy receaved the Collection of the Provinces: whiche amounteth to no more but 1300 li sterling. Having nothing els of any mo- ment, I take my humble leave. At the Hage. November 12 1590. Your L most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley