Letter ID: 0972
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.282r-283v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0972/008
Date: 07 October 1590
Note: The endorsement on the address leaf is mostly faded and illegible. On fol.282r there is the signature EEE.
Copy of: 0264



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590 October.

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 October To my L. Treasurer

May it please your L. to bee advertised, that after I had sent my laste to your L. the laste of September the verie same daie I receaved yours of the 15 with her Majesties lettres to the Townes. And becaus it was first the advise of Master Buis that her Highnes should write to the severall Townes, I acquainted him presently with the tenor of the lettres, and with the nomber that was signed requesting his direction about the deliverie. In his opinion they were written to verie good purpose & will steed her Majesty exceedinglie, for many respectes. Chieflie for the terrefieng of those, that are so opposit in all thinges to her Highnes desires. The onelie want that hee doth finde is, that nothing is written to Harlem, TerGowde, Gorichem, Rotterodame, TerGoes, which are principall Townes, and send their Deputies to the meeting of the States. There are also other to bee spetially regarded, as Enchusen, Hoorn, Camphere. Albeit there are some of these more honestly affected then some others, & yet in his Judgement, the best affected of them all are as soone to bee dealt withall, and happelie sooner then the woorst. For hee knoweth the nature of this people to bee so tender, that the Townes will esteem yt for a singular honnor, to bee required to doe anie thing, by peculiar letters from her Majesty, and repute it otherwise for a kinde of contempt, the greater townes in spetiall if they bee not that waie respected, aswell one as an other. Again if it come in deliberation in any publick assemblie of the generall States, what course is to bee taken for her Majesties satisfaction, it is the forwardnes of the most devoted, that will drawe the other places to a good resolution. In consideracion wherof, least her Highnes should bee frustrate of those good effectes, that her letters may produce, hee hath wished mee in any case to endevoure by all meanes possible, to endevoure that her Highnes may bee intreated, to signe other letters to the foresaid townes and to delaie the delivery of these in my handes till the rest bee receaved. Upon so good demonstration of reason, as to my understanding, was made unto mee, I have fol.282v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: October.

presumed to follow his advise, and to beseech your L. to entreat her Highnes for the signing of letters to those other Townes, to the end I may addresse them to theyr places altogether: as in the mean season I [[do]] not misdout, but by your L. meanes this litell st[[ay]] that I make, till I bee advertised of her Majesties pleasure will be construed to the best. I have certified your L. in a former letter that Floris tin Advocat of Utrecht was dead, Among those that are proposed in theyr new election Master Buis is chiefly named, Howbeyt by the secret practise of the Advocate of Holland, & some others besides not like to bee elected, To exclud him the sooner, they give yt out against him for a principall cause, That her Majesty doth not favor him. Hee doth not seeme /in/ any sort to affect the office, having meanes of his owne to maintain an honest port, nevertheles to notifie to the world, the lewdnes of those by whom hee is abused hee hath moved mee earnestly to become an humble sutor, that her Majesty would vouchsafe to write a letter in his favor to the States & Towne of Utrecht, to the same effect as hee procured yt long before: requiring the reparation of his credit among them & restitution of certain goodes, that they do wrongfully withhold. To make yt somewhat cleerer I have set downe the substance, that the letter should contain & I send yt heere apart, to bee framed in such sort as her Majesty shall give order. Hee thinkes by this meanes not onely to attain to his right & credit but to the publick conviction, of those that would have him in her Highnes disgrace. I have had some experience in this place of his unfayned endevors, to advance to the uttermost her Majesties service, which in parte heer to for I have signified to your L. as I know Master Wilkes will do yt more effectually. And still I find him to continew in his wonted disposition, delivering his mind in all his conversation very honorably & farely of her Majestyes proceedinges, without any feare of other mens displeasure, so as for mine own parte I see no man of this nation without exception of any to shew a better proofe of his honest affection. In which respect fol.283r

Later Addition: Belgia: 1590: October.

I do not dout but your L. will bee moved, to recommend his request to the effecting of yt, to the end hee may parceave that neither wee that are heer, have concealed his desertes, nor her Majesty not esteemed them. The fort of Terheydby breda after yt had abiden 400 shot of the cannon fell to composition to depart without enseignes, armes, or baggage, By meanes wherof those principall Townes, Bommel Breda, Huesden ar greatly relieved & the country freed from the enemyes oppression. It was thought very requesyt that the forsayd fort sould be rased, which was presently parfourmed & the Count as wee think ys now before Steenberghen from whence we looke every howre to receave good tidinges. October 7. 90