Letter ID: 0264
Reference: TNA, SP 84/39/121 f.121r-122v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0264/008
Date: 07 October 1590
Copies: 0972 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: vij October 1590 Master Bodeley from the Hagh to my L./ For hir majesties lettres to other Townes

Hir Majesties lettres to the Towne of Utrecht in favour of Paul Buis./

Later Addition: 7 October 90


May it please your L. to be advertised, that after I had sent my last to your L. the last of September the very same day I receaved yours of the 15 with her Majesties letters to the townes. [In margin: 15 September]
And because it was first the advise of Master Buis, that her Highnes should write to the several townes, I acquainted him presently with the tenor of the letters, and with the nomber that were signed, re- questing his direction about the deliverie. In his opinion they were written to very good pur- pose, and will steede her Majestie exceedingly, for may respectes. Chiefly for the terrifieng of those, that are so opposit in all thinges to her Highnes desires. The only want that he doth finde, is that nothing is written to Harlem /1/, Tergowde /2/, Gorchum /3/, Rote- /4/ rodam, Tergoes /5/, whiche are principall townes, and [In margin: These 5 lettres ar very nedefull]
send their Deputies to the meeting of the states. There are also others to be specially regarded, as En- /6/ chusen, Horne /7/, Camphere /8/. Albeit there are some [In margin: These 3 also ar nedefull]
of these more honestly affected then some others, yet in his judgement, the best affected of them all, are assoone to be dealt withall, or happely sooner then the woorst. For he knoweth the nature of this people to be so tender, that the townes will esteeme it for a singular honor, to be requi- red to doe any thing, by peculiar letters from her Majestie and repute it otherwise for a kinde of contempt, the greater townes in special, if they be not that way respected, aswell one as an other. Againe if it come in deliberation, in any publike assembly of the Generall states, what course is to be taken for her Majesties satisfaction fol.121v
it is the most forwardnes of the most devoted, that will drawe the other places to /a/ good reso- lution. In consideration wherof, lest her Highnes should be frustrat of those good effectes, that her letters may produce, he hath wished me in any case, to endevor by all meanes possible, that her Highnes may be intreated, to signe other letters to the forsaid townes, and to delay the de- liverie of these in my handes, till the rest be re- ceaved. Upon so good demonstration of reason, as to my understanding, was made unto me, I have presumed to folowe his ad- vise, and to beseeche your L. to intreat her Highnes for the signing of letters to those other townes [In margin: the necessite of these 8 lettres]
to the end I may adresse them to their places all together: as in the meane season, I doe not misdoubt, but by your L. meanes, this litle stay that I make, till I shall be advertised of her Majesties pleasure, will be construed to the best.

I have certified your L. in a former letter, of the death of Floris Tin Advocat of Utrecht. Among those that are proposed in [In margin: Floris tyn deade]
their newe election, Master Buis is chiefly named. [In margin: paule buiss mete to supply the place]
Howbeit by the secret practise of the Advocat of /Barnevelt/ Holland, and some others besides, not like to be elected. To exclude him the sooner, they give it out against him, for a principal cause, That her Majestie doth not favor him. He doth not seeme in any sort, to affect that office, having meanes of his owne, to maintene an honest part. Never- theles to notifie to the world the lewdnes of those, by whome he is abused, he hath moved me earnestly, to become an humble sutor, that her fol.122r
Majestie would vouchesafe, to write a letter in his favor, to the states and towne of Utrecht, to the same effect, [In margin: a lettre to utrecht]
as he procured it once before: requiring the repara- tion of his credit among them, and restitution of certaine gooddes, that they doe wrongfully withold. To make it somwhat cleerer, I have sett downe the substance, that the letter should contene, and I send it heere a part, to be framed in suche sort, as her Majestie shall give order. He thinkes by this meanes not only to attene to his right and credit, but to the publike conviction of those that would have him in her Highnes disgrace. I have had some experience in this place, of his unfained endevors, to advance to the uttermost her Majesties service, as whiche in part heretofore I have signified to your L. as I knowe Master Wilkes will doe it more effectually: and still I finde him to continew in his wonted disposition, delivering his minde in all his conver- sation very honorablely and freely of her Majesties procee- dinges, without any feare of other mens displeasure: so as for mine owne part, I see no man of this na- tion, without exception of any, to shewe a better proofe of his honest affection. In which respect I do not doubt but your L. will be moved, to recom- mend his request, to the effecting of it: to the end he may perceave, that nether we that are heere, have concealed his desertes, nor her Majestie not esteemed them. The fort of Terheide by Breda after it had abidden 400 shotte of the Canon, fell [In margin: Terhed rendred]
to composition, to depart without Ensignes, armes or baggage. By meanes wherof three principal townes, Bommel, Breda, Hoesden are greatly relieved, and and the contrey freed from the Enemies oppression. fol.122v
It was thought very requisit, that the forsaid fort, should be rased: whiche was presently perfourmed, and the Count, as we thinke, is nowe before steen- berghen, from whens we looke every houre to receave good tidinges. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage. October 7 1590 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: Because I am not sure, that the copie of the letter to the townes is reserved, I thought it convenient to send it here inclosed.