Letter ID: 0971
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.280r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0971/008
Date: 28 September 1590
Note: The endorsement on the address leaf is mostly faded and illegible.
Copy of: 0261



Later Addition: Belgia 1590 September

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 28 september To my L. T[reasurer]

May yt please your good L. after the taking of the house of Hemmart, the fort of Heele, & two other places adjoyning. Telshaut & Crevecoeur were surrendred to Co. Maurice, Howbeyt there was [no]thing els don that night deserve the advertizing. It is onely [d]etemerined that the fortes of Hemart & Crevecoeur shalbe fortifyed & kept & the other two rased as unprofitable. To lease no time, the Co. with his troupes together with Sir Francis Vere is marched towardes Derheyde a fort which the enemy built to empeach our passage to the towne of Breda by water, which moste men think wilbee easely wonne, They are also afterwardes purposed to assay what may bee don against Steenberghen. In the meane time while, yt is in consultacion heer towardes which parte of Brabant & under whose conduct they shall send theyr forces, for parfourming that which they promised in theyr laste to her Highnes: & I have signifyed in mine of the 22 of this moneth, wherein they are somewhat yet at a staie, by reason of a difficulty moved by the Co. & others about him who think that in Brabant the Boores will forsake the plaine Countrey, & runn for succor into walled townes whereby their Camp yf yt chaunce to range into the hart of that Province shalbe destitute of meanes to come by vittaile & other necessaries having no good place thereabout to make sedem bellj, nor to use uppon occasyon for a safe retrayt. Floris Tin the Advocat of Utrecht being lately deceasyd, there ys very good hope conceaved that Paul Buz a Utrecht man borne shalbee chosen in his roome, which is greatly desyred by her Majestyes friendes in these partes, aswell for the better direction of the affaires of that Province as becaus yt is supposed that hee will prove a good counterpoise against the Advocate of Holland in the assembly of the States, which is all at this present that I can certify your L. of so I take &c. Hagh. September 28 1590.