Letter ID: 0261
Reference: TNA, SP 84/39/82 f.83r-84v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0261/008
Date: 28 September 1590
Copies: 0971 fol.84v

Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 28 September 1590 Thomas Bodeley paule buiss

Later Addition: 28 September 90


May it please your good L. After the taking of the house of Hemart, the fort of Heele, and two other places adjoining, Teltshaut and Crevecoeur were surrendred to Count Maurice. Howbeit there was nothing els done, that might deserve the ad- vertising. It is only determined, that the fortes of Hemart and Crevecoeur shall be fortified, and kept; and the other two rased as unprofitable. To leese no time, the Count with his troupes, together with Sir Francis Vere, is marched towardes Terheide, a fort whiche the Enemie built, to impeche our passage to the towne of Breda by water: whiche most men thinke will be easely wonne. They are also afterward purposed, to assay what may be done against Steenberghen. In the meane while it is in consultation heere, towardes which part of Brabant, and under whose conduct they shall send their forces, for perfourming that whiche they promised in their last to her Highnes and I have signified in mine of the 22 of this moneth: wherein they are somwhat yet at a stay, by reason of a difficultie moved by the Count and others about him, who thinke that in Brabant the y boores will forsake the plaine con- trey, and runne for succor into walled townes: whereby their campe, if it chaunce to range into the hart of that Province, shall be destitut of meanes to come by victual, and other ne- cessaries, having no good place thereabout, to make sedem bellj; nor to use, upon occasion, for a safe retrait. Floris Tin the Advocat of Utrecht being lately deceased, there fol.83v
is very good hope conceaved, that Paule Buis a Utrecht man borne, shall be chosen in his rowme. Whiche is greatly desired by her Majesties frindes in these partes: aswell for the better direction of the affaires of that Province, as because it is supposed, that he will prove a good counterpoise against the Advocat of Holland, in the Assembly of the States. Whiche is all at this present, that I can certifie your L. And so I take my humble leave. At the Hage. September 28 1590. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley