Letter ID: 0970
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VII f.279r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0970/008
Date: 22 September 1590
Note: On fol.279r there is the signature DDD.
Copy of: 0260



Later Addition: Belgia: 1590. September

Later Addition: Belgia 1590 22 September To my L. Treasurer

May yt please your good L. my last unto you of the 21 of this moneth, was an awnswere to her Majestyes lettres of the 10th. & to your L. of the 7 & 10th of the same, wherin as then I could not write of any certaine resolution that the states had taken, but after many meetinges they have now determined to the same effect, as they by their letters will signify them selves, That the greatest part of theyr forces shalbee presently dispatched for Brabant, with spetiall charge to annoy the Ennemy in those quarters, by all meanes possible, & to enter also into Haynault as far as they are able. whereby they are in hope that the Duke of Parma thereuppon, will either retire or send some parte of his strength to relieve those countreys. Moreover they have Rxd fresh letters from theyr agentes in Fraunce by whom they are sollicited in the name of the King to employ theyr forces above all other places, into Flanders, for which cause & because her Majesty hath made the self same motion they have concluded to entreat her Highnes by theyr letters to send to Oostend or to some other parte of Flanders some convenient company of men, with whom they have resolved upon certificate given of the nomber /time and place/ to joyne so many more of theyr owne troupes, as together with her Majestyes may bee able to parforme some singular exploit./ It is farder heer agreed that the spetialityes of theyr late negotiacion with the German Embassadors shalbe sent to Master Ortell, to bee related to her Highnes. The places which they have promised to restore, are Budick & Luttekehove, & some other littel fortes that belong to Cleave. Also now they will give over Graeff which was wonne by Sir Francis Vere the 16 of this moneth. & since that time the Beek, which wee are newly advertised Sir Francis hath taken, being a castell of good strength. Because the maintenancece of garrisons in those places would prove very chargeable to the states, & litell benefit come of yt, they have thought yt better to deliver them over to the Duke of Cleave, then to hold them any longer for them selves. Nevertheles as I have signifyed heer in Councell, they have made this accord against the 21 Articles of theyr Contract with her Majesty, wherein yt is provided that they shall not onely not treat with the Enemy, but with no other Prince or Potentate fol.279v

Later Addition: Belgia 1590: September

stranger without the spetiall privity & approbation of her Majesty, which of all other matters they might worst seem to do in the restitution of those fortes, which were conquered so lately wth the losse of the lives of her Majestyes subjectes. Happely my speeches hereof have moved them to acquainther Hignes with theyr manner of proceeding, which they might have don before duryng the time of the abod of the Embassador heer, which was 5 weekes at the least. At the writing heerof Raynold Peeterson of Horne is come unto mee. of whom I have enquired as your L. willed. But he knoweth nothing more then I have certified before. for of those particular markes which your L. would know for the better discovery of the party, becaus hee never saw him in parson, but hath all his informations from his Cousen of Embden, hee cannot awnswer me to any thing. Howbeyt yf his Cosen be retourned out of Spain, as hee supposeth hee ys, or wilbe very shortly he hath promised to procure him to come hether or to certify by writing, whatsoever hee knoweth. Also hee himself doth goe for Spain, within this moneth, & profereth to enquire not onely of this matter but of any thing els that I shall require him. & a man of his profession may conveniently learne. Master Gilpin doth call to minde, that Mr Wilkes being heer, told him of one as farr as hee can remember an Arrogonesse that should come out of Spaine or Portingall to Don Ant[[onio]] & hath acquainted her Majesty with some speciall meanes to trouble K Phillip in his owne dominions. Hee canno[[t]] say distinctly what was told him, but some such matter was told him, which I would not omytt to imparte with your L. because of some likelihood that hee might prove to bee the same party. & thus I take my humble le[[ave]] Hage. September 22 1590.