Letter ID: 0260
Reference: TNA, SP 84/39/69 f.70r-71v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0260/008
Date: 22 September 1590
Copies: 0970 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 22 September 1590 Master Thomas Bodeley

Later Addition: 22 September 90


May it please your good L. my last unto yow, the 21 of this moneth, was an answear to her Majesties letters of the 10 and to your L. of the 7 and 10 of the same. Wherein, as then, I could not write of any certain resolution, that the states had taken. But after many meetinges, they have nowe deter- mined, to the same effect, as they by their letters will signifie themselves, That the greatest part of their forces shalbe presently dispatched for Brabant: with special charge to annoy the Ene- mie in those quarters, by all meanes possible, and to enter also into Hennault, as farre as they are able. Whereby they are in hope, that the Duke of Parma therupon, will ether retire, or send some part of his strength, to relieve those contreis. Moreover they have receaved freshe letters from their Agent in France, by whome they are solicited, in the name of the King, to imploy their forces, above all other places, into Flanders. For whiche cause, and because her Majestie hath made the self same motion, they have concluded to in- treat her Highnes by their letters, to send to Ostend or to some other part of Flanders, some conveni- ent company of men, with whome they have re- solved, upon certificat given of the nomber, time and place, to joine so many more of their owne troupes, as together with her Majesties may be able to per- fourme some singular exploit. It is further heere agreed, that the specialties of their late negotiation, with the Germane Ambassadors, shall be sent to Master Ortell, to be related to her Highnes fol.70v
The places whiche they have promised to restoare, are Budricke, and Luttekehove, and some other litle fortes, that belong to Cleve. Also now thei will give over Graeff, which was wonne by Sir Francis Vere, the 16 of this moneth: and, since that time, the Beeke, a castel of good strength, which we are newly advertised Sir Francis hath taken. Because the maintenance of garrisons in those places would prove very chargeable to the states, and litle benefit come of it, they have thought it better, to deliver them over to the Duke of Cleve, as a neutral person, then to hold them any longer for themselves. Nevertheles, as I have signified heere in Councel, they have made this accord, against the 21 Article of their Contract with her Majestie, wherein it is provided, that they shall not only not treat with the Enemie, but with no other Prince or Potentat stranger, without the special privitie and approbation of her Majestie. Whiche of all other maters they might worst seeme to doe in the restitution of those fortes, whiche were conquered so lately, with the losse of the lives of her Majesties subjectes. Happely my speeches hereof, have moved them to acquaint her Highnes with their maner of proceeding: which they might have done before, during the aboade of the Ambassadors heere, whiche was five weekes at the lest. At the writing herof, Rainold Peterson of Horne is come unto me, of whome I have enquired, as your L. willed, fol.71r
But he knoweth nothing more, then I have certi- fied before. For of those particular markes, which your L. would knowe, for the better discovery of the partie, because he never sawe him in per- son, but hath all his informations from his cosen of Embden, he can not answear me to any thing. Howbeit, if his cosen be returned out of Spaine, as he supposeth he is, or wilbe very shortly, he hath promised to procure him to come hither, or to certifie by writing, whatsoever he knoweth. Also he himself doth goe for Spaine, within this moneth, and profereth to enquire not only of this mater, but of any thing els, that I shall require him, and a man of profession may conveniently learne. Master Gilpin doth calle to minde, that Master Wilkes being heere, told him of one, as farre as he can remember, an Arra- gonese, that should come out of Spaine or Portu- gal to Don Antonio, and hath acquainted her Majestie with some special meanes, to troble K. Philip in his owne dominions. He can not say distin- ctly, what was told him, but some suche mater was told him: which I would not omitte to impart with your L. because of some likelihood, that he might prove to be the same partie. And thus I take my humble leave. At the Hage. September 22 1590. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley