Letter ID: 0575
Reference: TNA, PC 2/17/856
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0575/008
Date: 10 August 1590
Note: No address leaf.
Copies: 0960 


A lettre to Thomas Wilkes and Thomas Bodley esquiers./ Whereas her Majestie for the better satisfacion of the burgers and Inhabitauntes of the towne of Ostend hath resolved to revoke Sir John Conwaie knight and to place in his steede Sir Edward Norreis, being a gentleman of good discrecion valour and experience and one well thought of by the said Inhabitauntes: They were required to signify to the States generall and Councell of Estate, the especiall choyce her Majestie hath made of the said gentleman her Highnes Servaunt being well knowen to them, whome alsoe for that purpose her Majestie had specially commended to the States generall to be by their Commission appointed governor there, and whome alsoe she doubteth not that he will Carry his self to their lykeing and contentment in the discharg of the trust committed to him both for the safe keeping and good governement of the towne. For which respect they were to deale with them both for the graunting his patent in good and ample forme, and for his entertaynment and allowance to make yt as large as they can procure: Whereby he shall have both better authority and the better meanes discharg the Care and trust of the place committed to him: Wherein they were prayed to afford him their helpe and assystaunce &c.