Letter ID: 0269
Reference: TNA, SP 84/39/196 f.196r-197v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0269/008
Date: 03 November 1590
Copies: 0979 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 3 November 1590 Master Bodeleie from the Hagh.

Later Addition: 3 November 90


May it please your good L. notwithstanding the ill successe of Count Maurice in his last at- tempt, I advertised your L. the 28 of October that I had resolved, to goe forward with my practise: and to send some person of purpose, to viewe the state of those places, that I descri- bed unto yow, in my first information. He that is to be imploied, shall be gotten in Ze- land: and one of the parties themselves by whome this mater was disclosed unto me, is already gone thither, to make his choise among his frindes. I can not say upon know- ledge, that the Count had any inkling, that her Majestie intended, to undertake that enterprise: nor that he thought to defeate it by way of prevention. But his soddaine going thither, before the weaknes of the place was fully disco- vered, and his concealing of his purpose from the Councel of state, with other like conjectures, might minister some occasion, to suspect his proceeding. I writte your L. in my last of the grievous complaintes, that are made by this people, because their trafficke into spaine is impeached by her Majestie. The towne of Middlebourgh hath sent often about it, to the Ge- neral states, and there are at this present, that are newly come from thens, certaine cla- morous marchants, whose reportes abroade, are very lewde and maligne. Being spoken to by them, to hold a good hand in their behalf, I have told them of it roundly, and have signified further, that the Assembly heere of the General fol.196v
states, is the chiefest cause, of all this troble to their contrey. For to the end there might be some good order taken, aswell for their trafficke, as for all other maters, that rest undecided, between her Majestie and these Provinces, her Highnes had bin pleased, at the instant sute of themselves, to send purposely hither, and to propose certaine meanes, for a general redresse of all that ether side complained. Howbeit not only Master Wilkes, whome her Majestie sent, to take their resolutions, was dismissed, after 10 weekes attendance, with out any answear, to any thing proposed: but for the space of 10 weekes more, which are spent sins he departed, they never yet vouchesafed to send ether answear, or piece of any answear, or any kinde of letter, whereby her Majestie might conjecture that they meant to give her satisfaction. To reherse it all, that was in talke between us, it is but needelees to your L. Nevertheles because I sawe by their answears, that they were very muche cloaked with that opposition, I thought to mention it unto yow. They lette me further understand, that the states are bent out of hand, to send a couple into England, to make remonstrance to her Majestie of all the dom- mages done unto them. It is thought that the parties shall be Silla pensioner of Amsterdame, and Van der Werke pensioner of Middlebourgh: two of those that beare the greatest streake, in the meeting of the states, and will take any paines, to crosse her Majesties proceedinges. As farre as I can conceave, this stopping of their trafficke, is a very ready meane, being folowed fol.197r
effectually, to force them unto reason, in all that is depending between her Highnes and them. For if they would be revenged, by seeking after Fraunce, it is not nowe to be done: and to enter into treaty of accord with the Enemie, while her Majestie is possessed, and in good assurance, of her cautionarie townes, it is not thought they will attempt, or can, if they would, obtene a peace to their liking. It is an opinion heere of many, and I see some tokens of likeli- hood, that some kinde of answear will be fra- med, to be our last Propositions, and sent by these Deputies, that shall come about their trafficke. Having nothing els, to impart with your L. I take my humble leave. From the Hage. November 3 1590. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley