Letter ID: 1353
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol.134r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1353/008
Date: 24 July 1589
Copy of: 0851



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 24 July To Master Secretary Walsingham

It may please your H. to be advertized, that as yet I have had no aunswer from the generall States astouching those Articles which I delivered unto them, for which they pretend that they have not yet hard from theyr Principalls, which I do not think will be long but yet I see litell hope that they will yeeld to any deputyes that shall come into England such an ample commission as ys required at this hand / in the meane season the Enemy by all advertismentes maketh great preparation of his forces hetherwardes, & unles that wee be furder sucored then there is apparance that we can be on the suddaine yt is generally feared that he will passe the Wael, whereof the consequence doth put them heer in some terror For yf in this tyme of discontentment betwene hir Majesty & them those contryes should be overtaken with any notable losse, happely the common people would deale somewhat roughly with the principall causes of those froward courses, that have bin held with hir Majestye The generall states & likewise the Counsell have bin instant with me to intreat my L. Burgh for a Company of foote from the Brill, Master Borlas for 2 companyes & Sir John Conway for as many, for that we heare at this present that the Enemy doth not presse him. Because I do not doubt but yt is her Majesties pleasure that in tymes of necessity the suparfluous companies of the Cautionary Townes should be spared I have written very earnestly to such effect as they required: My L. Burgh hath already sent word that he cannot spare an Ensigne, but will fournishe them by squadron of a convenient troupe & him self conduct them in parson. From Flushing & Oostend I have no aunswere as yet. Moreover to the self same effect, as the Consell of State hath written of late unto her Majesty I have bin dealt withall publickly & very earnestly to sollicit the sending back of those companies or others in theyr place which were drawen by Sir John Norris from hence & were to be returned the fyrst of June whereto I have made the same aunswere which they Rxd from your H. alleadging the hindrance of the Portugall service through theyr breach of Promyse to Sir John Norris, also theyr continuall infringing of the Contrackt to serve theyr present townes & the small regard which they have to content her Majestye in any demand insomuch as hir highnes doth grow very weary of theyr ungratefull proceedinges. All this thei labor to excuse under collor of beyng mistaken, & other weak pretences, But howsoever yt ys the consyderacion of theyr owne weakenes uppon the Ennemeyes approching doth put them at this present in a great perplexity. Albeyt theye are muche relieved with this dayes newes. That Sir Martyn Schenck hath revictualled Berck whereupon they hope to serve theyr tournes with his forces. The Enterprise was don the 18 of this moneth wthout any encounter of the Ennemy for that Sir Martyn Schenck conducted his forces by secret wayes & so suddainely as he entred the towne fol.134v

Endorsed: [.] Sir Francis Walsingham July 24 89 90 89

before the ennemy could parceave yt, which hath mervaylously spited the Marquis of Verambon & brought his troupes to a great disorder. This exploit hath put Sir Martin in a better conceat in those contreyes then any of his actions heertofore. And likewyse the English Captaynes & companies do both give him a singular prayse for his conduct & Strategeme as also for his carriage & cortesye to them in particular, in which respect yf yt might please your H. to thank him in her Majestyes name & to congratulate his happynes, yt would be a meanes to continew his devotion towardes her Highnes. In the cause of Vasseur there ys nothing furder don synce my laste to your H. wherewth I take my humble leave. July 23.

Postscript: [In margin: July 24]
I ame earnestly sollicited by Sir Francis Vere & the other English Captaynes with Sir Martyn Schenck to move this consell of State that they may retourne to theyr garrison or be employed nerer home in the quarter about Bommel, & to procure withall that they maye Rx better payment beyng very much distressed through theyr want of mony & death of all thinges in those places where they ar in service. I do not doubt to o[[bteyn]] that they may be revoked to serve yn these parties, but for theyr paym[ent] I can but onely recommend theyr sute to your H. having sent unto you for the better testimony of theyr service & deserte Sir Martyn Schenckes letter written unto me. & yf by your H. procurement they might receave besydes theyr weekely lendinges some extraordinary imprest upon theyr payement, yt would be a spetiall incouragement both to them & to others to deserve the like favor heerafter.