Letter ID: 0851
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.29r-30v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0851/008
Date: 23 July 1589
Copies: 1353 


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 23 July 1589 From Master Bodley


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 July 23 et 24

It may please your H. to be advertised, that as yet I have had no answear from the Generall states, as touching those Articles whiche I deli- ered unto them: for whiche they pretend, that they have not heard from their Principals. Whiche I doe not thinke will be long, but yet I see little hope, that they will yeld to any deputies,that shall come into England, suche an ample com- mission, as is required at their handes. In the meane season the Ennemie, by all advertisments, maketh great preparation of his forces hitherwardes: and unles we be further succoured, then there is apparance that we can be on the soddaine, it is ge- nerally feared that he will passe the Wael: wherofthe consequence doth putt them heere in some terror. For if in this time of discontentment between her Majestie and them, these contreis should be overtaken with any notable losse, happely the common people would deale somwhat roughly with the principall causers of these froward courses, that have bin held with her Majestie. The Generall states, and likewise the Councell have bin instant with me, to intreat my L. Burgh for a companie of foote from the Brill, Master Borlas for two compa- nies, and Sir John Conway for as many, for that we heare at this present, that the Ennemie doth not presse him. Because I doe not dout, but it is her Majesties pleasure, that in times of necessitie, the superfluous companies of the Cautionarie townes should be spa- red, I have /written/ very earnestly to suche effect as they requested. My L. Burgh hath already sent worde that he can not spare an Enseigne, but will fur- nishe them by squadron of a convenient troope, and himself conduct them in person. From Flus- hing and Ostend I have no answear as yet. fol.29v
Moreover to the self same effect, as the Councell of state hath written of late unto her Majestie I have bin dealt withall publickly, and very earnestly, to solicite the sending backe of those companies, or others in their place, whiche were drawen by Sir John Norris from hens, and were to be returned the first of June. Wherto I have made the same answear, which they receaved from your H. alleaging the hindrance of the Portugall service, through their breache of pro- mise to Sir John Norris: also their continuall in- fringing of the Contract, to serve their present tur- nes: and the smalle regard, whiche they have to content her Majestie in any demaund: in so muche as her Highnes doth growe very weery of their un- grateful proceedinges, All this they labor to ex- cuse, under coulour of being mistaken, and other weake pretenses. But howsoever it is, the consi- deration of their owne weaknes, uppon the Enne- mies approching, doth put them at this present in a great perplexitie, Albeit they are muche re- lieved by this daies newes, That Sir Martin Schincke hath revictualled Berke. Wheruppon they hope to serve their turnes with his forces. The En- terprise was done the 18 of this moneth, without any encounter of the Ennemie: for that Sir Martin Schincke conducted his forces by secret waies and so soddainly, as he entred the towne, before the Ennemie could perceave it. Whiche hath mer- velously spited the Marquis of Verambon, and brought his troupes to a great disorder. This exploit hath put Sir Martin in a better conceat in these con- treis, then any one of his actions heeretofore. And likewise the Englishe y captaines and companies doe both give him a singular praise for his conduct and stratagemes, as also for his cariage and courtesie to fol.30r
them in particular. In whiche respect, if it might please your H. to thanke him in her Majesties name, and to congratulat his happines, it would be a meanes to continew his devotion towardes her Highnes.

In the cause of Vasseur there is nothing further done, since my last to your H. Wherwith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. Julij 23. 89. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: [In margin: Julij 24]
I am earnestly solicited by Sir Francis Vere, and the other English Captaines, with Sir Martin Schincke, to move this Councell of State, that they may returne to their Garrison, or be imploied neerer home, in the quarters about Bommel: and to procure withall, that they may receave better paiment, being very muche distressed through their want of mony, and dearth of all thinges in those places, where they are in service. I doe not /dout/ of obtening that they may be revoked to serve in these quarters: but for their paiment I can but only recom- mend their sute to your H. having sent unto yow, for the better testimony of their service and desert Sir Martin Schinckes letter written unto me. And if by your H. procurement they might receave, besides their weekely Lendinges, some extraordinarie imprest uppn their paiment, it would be a speciall encouragement both to them and to others to deserve the like favour hereafter.