Letter ID: 0879
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.180r-181v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0879/008
Date: 12 November 1589
Note: There is no right hand margin, with some damage to the text at the edge of the paper, though it remains legible. The address leaf comprises of a separate folio, with the remains of the wax seal still present.



Addressed: To our very Loving frend Thomas Bodley Esquier. one of the Assistantes for her Majesty in the Councell of State in the United Provinces of the Lowe Countryes.

Endorsed: Letter from the Counsell touching repare of Ostend. 12 November 89



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 12 November to Master Bodly

After our hartye Comendacions: Whereas you have here bene heretofore by direction from her Majestie and from us required to solicite the States Generall of those united Provinces, concerning the reparacion of the Sea breaches at ostend, who (as by your lettres appeareth) have not in more then three monethes sithence the deliverie of her Majesties pleasure therein vouchesafed any answer, whereat her Majestie and we doe not a lyttle marvayle considering of what importance yt it unto them to have that Towne preserved and kept from the handes of the enemye. Her Majestie nevertheless regarding ther safeties more than they doe themselves, and foreseing that the matter will admitt no furder delaye, but that either the Towne must be forthwith abandoned, or some presente defence made against the sea for the preservacion of her subjectes there in garrison, if they shall continue the guarde of the same hathe taken order that one Companie of her auxiliarie forces shalbe presently Cassed, and the ordenarye paye of the said Companie for one whole yere converted to the repayring of the said breaches, as by an order in that behalf sett downe by her Majesties expresse Comaundement shall appeare unto you a Copie whereof you shall receave heerinclosed, together wherewith you shall acquainte the said States generall, to the ende they may take no exception to the cassing of the said band as in reason the[y] ought not considering the money wherewith the same is to be mainteynd shalbe employed in the repayring and preserving of one of ther owne Townes of as great importance as anie within the Provinces United, and is but for the forbearaunce of one Companie of ther ordinary strengthe for the tyme: and shall signifye unto them that her Majestie dothe looke they shall allowe thereof, and therefore you shall expressely require them in her Majesties name to cause a publicke acte

Later Addition: Master Bodley

to be made, notifying thereby their allowance of her Majestieses course and order therein taken, which if they shall refuse, her Majestie shall have good cause to holde them careles of themselves and ingratefull towardes her which you shall advise them to avoyde if they desire the Contynuaunce of her goodnes towardes them. And so byd you hartely farewell. From the Court at Richemond the xijth of November 1589 Your very loving frendes Christopher Hatton: Chancellor William Burghley Charles Howard Hunsdon Cobham Francis Knollys James Croft Thomas Heneage John Perrot John Wolley John Fortescue