Letter ID: 0876
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.165r-166v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0876/008
Date: 30 October 1589
Copy of: 0221


Endorsed: To MasterSecretary October 30. 90


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 30 October To Master Secretary

It may please your H. to be advertized that your lettre by parsyvall of the 25 of September came to my handes but yesterday which is more then a moneth since yt was written. The matter of Groenighen was never otherwise by him then in generall termes imparted unto mee, & without any mention of those gentlemen of Fryse that sett him a worke whose names yf I had knowen as yt is an exployt that requires expedition, so I should have sought the meanes before this time to have knowen both the quality of the parsons and also their credit with other such requesyt pointes as concernd a matter of that moment. For there ar nombers in these countreys that indevour an innovation of the state upon pretences of being devoted to hir Majestye whereas yt is apparent in a great many that yt rather proceedeth of their private desyr to bee revenged upon theyr statesmen, then of any extraordinary zeale to the common cause against the ennemy. But what course may best be taken for furdering the motion of Groenighen I will so consyder as your H. hath writen and walke so warely as I trust hir Majesty wilbe pleased with my doinges In the meane tyme as your H hath writen so I have parsuaded still with those with whom I have delt that hir Majesty in regard of hir manifold burdens otherwise will not enter into any charge about this entreprise. If count Hollock have any such intelligence with those of Groenghen as hir Highnes is informed yt hath bin caried so secretly that I have not heard yt reported, howbeyt ther is likelyhode of yt for that he sojourned in Embden & parhaps had conference with those that imparted yt to mee. which I suppose his lettres to hir Majesty will signify The matche between him & the Countesse of Bueren ys generally sayd to be concluded. Your H. meaning about the Townes of Zeeland that have made some secret offer to hir Majestye I do not well conceave for that no letter of mine hath made such mention, neither hath any man heer imparted any such matter unto mee. For I have alwaies to my uttermost disswaded that course as well for that yt will breed an Example of dangerous consequence as because I see so littel trust to be reposed in any of all the promises of these discontented parsons. By parsyvall & some others I have hard that those of Fryse were purposed to make an offer of the Souverainty of theyr offer /Province/ to hir Majesty. But in truth I could never parceave that there was ( some few particular parsons excepted) any such inclincation yn the cheifest of the State. for myne owne parte I have alwaies laboured to [winne] as many from that conceat as by way of communication I have found [addicted] unto yt. And I do yt the rather for that I was never yet in a better hope of a good correspondence between these countreys & hir Majestyes people then I am at this present. What my care hath bin yn that behalf & what meanes & speeches I have used to the Counsell heer to Count Maurice to the rest of the Counts & likewise to those English Captaines that fol.165v
have bin employed in the late services, & what courteous entertainement hath insued upon yt both towardes Sir Francis Vere & all the English Capt. & souldiours, & how the good liking of all handes hath continued ever since I take no pleasure to report my self, but this counsell doth afford mee many thankes & Sir Francis Vere, ys a witnes that without my spetiall endevours in divers respectes the state of these Countreys had bin far other then yt is, which I am the more willing at this present to cause in some sort to be knowen unto your H. to th'end yow might stand fully assured that I am alwaies an Ennemy to all such practises as tend directly or indirectly to the breach of the union between hir Majesty & this people. It is accorded by the States of Holland that the English foote companies with Sir Francis Vere shalbe dispersed in the garrison in Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Delft & any other of the best townes of Holland & in lieu of those bandes that were drawen forth of Flushing and Oostend by squadrons which are retourned they desire & to that effect have writen to the Governors of those townes that there may from duch towne an entier company be sent hether The late controversy risen betwene the Townes of North Holland is accorded by mediation of the states & Count Maurice. Like the muteny of liefkens Hoeck is qualified by those of Zeland with certaine moneths pay & other small contentmentes, which kinde of good usage hath provoked a great parte of the souldiers in Lillo to the like alteration, intending to have slain theyr Governor & other officers. But theyr purpose was discovered to the Governor & the Chief conspirators apprehended upon yt. In effect there is generall discontentment growen in all the garrisons of Zeland by reason of theyr paye which I think count Maurice will go in parson [to] endevour to appease. The souldiers of Schenckes sconse are become so mutinous, that wee ar almost out of all hope that they will be retayned. Whereof theyr accustomed slacknes in this place hath bin a principall occasyon for had they sent at the first 400 [ls] stivers all had bin satisfyed. Whereas now they demand theyr full Count & reconing wer is not thought to be so litle as 6000 Howbeyt yt is resolved heer that for avoyding the perill & consequence of such composition they will yeeld to no more but 12 monethes paye for this present intending rather to forgo the fort & the offer thereof they had comitted to certaine fytt parsons whom they have instructed with all convenient parsuasyon to drawe them from theyr disloyalty. Yt is knowen that the Counsell of Cleve doth practize to buy the place for them selves which many men dout they will obteyn for that the chiefe part of the souldiers doth consist of Clevelanders. Count William of Frise, hath wone of late by assault from the Ennemy a fort called Salt camp in the territory of Groenighen. At the very entraunce of Groenighen deepe over against Opslaeck, a place of spetiall importance, wherby the passage of vittail to the Town of Groenighen is very much hindred, which I think will be a help, for parfourmance of the enterprise before mentioned. fol.166r
There ys no man yet named to the Goverment of Utrecht but most men ar parsuaded that yt wilbe conferred on Count Maurice, & thereof mee thinkes there ys a common good liking. The Ennemies forces that lay about Berch ar sayd to be departed & gon to winter in the Duchye of Juliers, wher the brute goeth that both they spoyl the Countrey which is very fertill & are in many divisions among them selves. Uppon theyr departure Count Oversteyn & the Baron of Potlits have conducted into Berck 130 cartes laden with vittail & other necessaries whereby the Town ys provided for a long time.