Letter ID: 0872
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.141r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0872/008
Date: 07 October 1589
Copy of: 0220


Endorsed: To Master Secretary October 7. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 7 October To Master Secretary from Master Bodly

It may please your H. whereas I was lately writen by my LL. of the Counsell to sollicit the generall states about the fortificacions of Oostende. I have used asmuch instance as I could in that behalfe but theyr Answers have bin alwayes very dilatory, for what respect I cannot certify your H. but as far as I can parceave they can not [.] with those of Zeland about disbursing of the mony & withall I see there ys great want of mony on all handes. They do also say that the danger of the place is more amplifyed in woordes then ther ys cause indeed. And whether besydes they have bin moved to attend theyr Deputyes retourne before any resolucion be taken. I can affirme nothing for certayne. But I have found them very backward & free of shiftes & excuses in this cause. pretending that they were [pressed] with other matters of greatr importance & so putting mee of from day to day Nevertheles by much calling upon them I have obtayned at length that they are contented to appoint a tyme to consult & take some order for the relief of the towne. wherein they ar buisyed at this present & as any thing ys resolved I will signify to my LL. Count Maurice ys lately gon for Northholland with certayne others of the generall States to accord an old contention between some of the greater & the lesser Townes astouching the nomber of Deputyes which each Towne pretendeth to send to the Colledge & Counsell of those quarters which is thought will minister occasyon of greater inconvenience yf yt be not quieted in tyme. Wee ar newly advertised that the souldiers of Liefkes Hoeck overagainst Lillo are in munity w[ch is thought to growe about theyr paye of 48 dayes to the moneth. for the present appeasing whereof the Counsell of State ys very carefull least theyr example should provoke other garrisons to do the like. The discontentment of Schenckes soulders which were lefte in his fort at Sgrave weert doth encrease more & nowe chainge made [to] charge among them selves of theyr officers. Howbeyt ther is mony sent of late & such order taken as the state will parmitt to procure theyr contentment Monsieur du Haldaine whom the French King sent hither to rx the mony that was promised to be lent is departed from hens in Company of those Deputyes that were appointed for Fraunce having Rxd as I understand in redy payment more then the half of that which was promised. The Count Newenar being lately at Arnham & busied about the direction of certayne arteficiall fyres by the negilience of one of his pages that caried a light certayne powder tooke fyre whereby a great parte of the house was blowen up. one Captain Danis an ingener slaine & the Count himself very dangerosly blasted & brused with the fall of a wall. So as any men think he will hardly escape yt. Thereuppon the charge of victualling Berck was committed to the Conduct of Count Oversteyn. Sir Francis Vere & the Baron of Potlits. who as we ar advertysed the second of this moneth in the open face of the Ennemy conveyed into the Towne 24 cartes laden with victuall & othr necessaries & within fol.141v
2 daies after marched thether wardes with more provisyon. the successe whereof is not yet certified hether. From Grave & those qwuarters wher the Ennemy lieth ther ys freshe brute come hether, that the D. of Parma ys for certayn dead which is not yet otherwise confirmed. The Bearer heerof of ys one Master Yacksly an English gentleman who served sometyme the Elector of Collen & by him was recommended to the service of Count Hohenlo with whom he hath continued all the tyme of his late absence in Germany. He hath bin very well used by the Count & is comended by divers for his honest & discrete demeanor. the occasyon of his coming to England your H. will know by him self & by his lettres. Master Dier is newly heere arrived & upon his departure for Amsterdam wherwith I take my humble leave Hage 7th October 89.