Letter ID: 0220
Reference: TNA, SP 84/35/27 f.27r-28v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0220/008
Date: 08 October 1589
Copies: 0872 


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 8 October 1589 From Master Bodley.

Later Addition: 8 October 89


It may please your H. Wheras I was lately willed by my LL. of the councell, to solicit the Generall states about the fortifications of Ostend, I have used as muche instance, as I could, in that behalf. But their answears have bin alwais very dilatorie. For what respect I can not cer- tifie your H. but as farre as I can perceave, thei can not agree with those of Zeland about disboursing of the mony: and withall I see there is great want of mony on all handes. They doe also say that the daunger of the place is more amplified in wordes, then there is cause in deede. And whether besides they have bin moved to attend the returne of their Deputies, before any resolucion be taken, I can affirme nothing for certaine. But I have found them very backward, and full of shiftes and excuses in this cause, pretending that they were pressed with other matters of greater impor- tance, and so putting me of from day to day. Nevertheles by muche calling uppon them, I have obtened at length that they are contented to ap- point a time to consult, and to take some order for the relief of the towne, wherein they are busied at this present: and as any thing is resolved, I will signifie to my LL. Count Maurice is lately gone from North Holland, with certain others of the Generall states, to accord an old contention between some of the greater and the lesser townes astouching the nomber of Deputies, which eche towne pretendeth to send to the college and councell of those quarters: which is thought will minister occa- sion of greater inconvenience, if it be not quieted in time. We are newly advertised that the souldiers of Liefkens Hoeck over against Lillo are in mutinie: which is thought to growe about their pay after 48 daies to the moneth: for the present fol.27v
appeasing, wherof the Councell of stateis very care- full, lest their example should provoke other garri- sons to doe the like. The discontent- ment of Schinkes souldiers, whiche were left in his fort at Sgraven Weert, doth increase more and more, having made a change among themselves of their officers. Howbeit there is mony sent of late, and suche other order taken, as the state will permitte, to procure their contentment. Monssieur de Haldagne, whome the Frenche King sent hither to re- ceave the mony that was promised to be lent, is de- parted from hens in company of those Deputies that were appointed for Fraunce, having receaved, as I understand, in ready paiment, somwhat more then the half of that whiche was promised.

The Count Neuwenar being lately at Arnhem, and busied about the direction of certaine artificiall fires, by the negligence of one of his pages, that caried a light, certaine powder tooke fire, whereby a great part of the house was blowen up, one Capten Denis an Ingener slaine, and the Count himself very daungerously blasted, and brused with the falle of a walle, so as many men thinke he will hardly escape it. Theruppon the charge of victu- alling Berke, wherof I writte in my last to your H. was comitted to the Conduct of the Count Oversten, Sir Francis Vere, and the Baron of Potlits, who as we are advertised, the 2 of this moneth in the open face of the Enemie conveied into the towne 24 cartes loaden with Victuall and other neces- saries, and within 2 daies after marched thi- therwardes with more provision: the successe whereof is not yet certified hither. From Grave and those quarters where the Enemie lieth fol.28r
there is a freshe bruite come hither, that the D of Parma is for certaine dead: which is not yet otherwise confirmed. The bearer herof is one Master Yakesley an Englishe gentleman, who served sometimes the Elector of Colen, and by him was recommended to the service of Count Hohenlo, with whom he hath con- tinued all the time of his late absence in Ger- many. He hath bin very well used by the Count and is commended by divers for his honest and discrete demeanor. The occasion of his comming into England, your H. will knowe by himself and by his lettres. Master Diar is newly heere arrived, and uppon his depar- ture for Amsterdam. Wherwith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. October 8. 89 Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley