Letter ID: 0857
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.76r-v (f.147r-v)
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0857/008
Date: 09 August 1589
Copy of: 0210


Endorsed: To master Secret. August 9. 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 9 August To Master Secretary

It may please your H. upon the Rxt of the lettre of the 28 July which I Rxd by this post the 8 of this presentes, I have bin instant agayn with the generall states, for a speedy answer to hir Majesty about the matter of comission that should be sent to their Deputyes, wher upon they have promysed now to take some present resolution which as far as I parceave wilbe redy to be sent within 3 or 4 daies, what is like to be resolved I cannot learne by any meanes for nothing ys imparted with the Counsell of State but [all] ys kept with such a Jalouse secresy, as yf they feared to be wrought by the counsell to hold better correspondence betwene hir Majesty and the Countrey, wherein yf that be their meaning they shall not find them selves deceaved, for divers lately of the Counsell, not with me onely & in privat conference, but truely publickly & more then ever before have complayned very bitterly against Barnevelts cowrses. & still they tell me privately that for fear of parturbing the state, they must forbeare to oppose them selves directly against him as also for that which your H. doth signifye [becaus] they sue him in a course to runn him self owt of Breathe. the 5 of this moneth I Rxd one from your H. with charge to deale with the states about the acceptation of the 1200 footemen, for 600 horse wherein I moved them the same daie, & since receaved such answer as I sent your H herein with myne owne proposition. Tht which I writ in my last of the enterprise of Numigen had that succes which I signified, onely now we understand that the Townesmen since have [fished] for Schenck, & found him in his [armour] & since have cut him in quarters & set him on theyr gates which extraordinary inhumanity doth so exasperate the States, as they will publish an Edict upon yt, that no quarters shalbe kept with Neumighen. Count Maurice hath found the meanes to convey 3 companies more into Heusden. every souldier carieng with him a quantity of poulder which is thought in respect of the want of they had within & the danger of the attempt a great peice of service. My L. Treasurers good opinion & report of my services which I know your H doth confirme, as occasyons ar presented ar such incouragementes unto me as yf I knew by what meanes, I would shew my self more worthy of your Honourable favoures. But what I want in ability I hope to make up in diligence, which I do assure your honor, to effect any good, must be more then ordinary & not [then] many will imagine, that ar not heer in place to set the daily thwartes that are offred, & theyr broken proceedinges / I am glad to know by your H. that my often writing to my L. wilbe well accepted, yt is the best point of the service which I would willingly shew to his L. which I have purposely forborne leste writing to your H, which yf there were any matter was also written to my L. I might seeme to be more troublesome then my buisines did require./