Letter ID: 0210
Reference: TNA, SP 84/34/25 f.25r-28v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0210/008
Date: 09 August 1589
Copies: 0857 


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight Principall Secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 5th August 1589 Master Bodleys proposition unto the States for the acceptacion of 1200 foote in Lieu of the 600 horse withdrawen from thence

Later Addition: 5 August 1589


It may please your H. uppon the receat of your letter of the 28 of July, whiche I receaved by this post the 8 of this present, I have bin in- stant againe with the Generall states, for a spedy answear to her Majestie about the mater of com- mission, that should be sent to their Deputies: wheruppon thei have promised nowe, to take some present resolucion, whiche as farre as I perceave, whilbe ready to be sent within three or fower daies What is like to be resolved, I can not learne by any meanes. For nothing is imparted with the Councell of state, but all is kept with suche a jalouse secrecie, as if thei feared to be wrought by the Councell, to hold better correspondence be- tweene her Majestie and the contrey. Wherein, if that be their meaning, they shall not finde them- selves deceaved. For divers lately of the Councell, not with me only, and in privat conference, but truly publickly, and more then ever before, have complai- ned very bitterly against Barnevelts courses. And still thei tell me privatly, that for feare of perturbing the state, they must forbeare to oppose themselves directly against him, as also for that which your H. doth signifie, Because they see him in a course, to runne himself out of breath.

The 5 of this moneth, I receaved one from your H. with charge to deale with the states, about the acceptation of the 1200 footmen, for 600 horse, wherein I moved them the same day, and since receaved suche answear, as I send your H. herein, with mine owne proposition. fol.26v
That whiche I writte in my last, of the enterprise at Nieumeghen, had that successe whiche I signi- fied. Only more we understand, that the townes- men since have fished for Schincke, and founde him in his armor: and since have cutte him in quarters, and sette him on their gates. Whiche extraordinarie inhumanitie doth so exasperat the states, as they will publishe an Edict uppon it, that no quarter shalbe kept with Nieumeghen.

Count Maurice hath found the meanes by night, to convey three companies more into Huesden, every souldier carieng with him a quantity of powder. Whiche is thought in respect of the want thei had within, and the danger of the attempt, a great peece of service. My L. Treasurors good opinion and report of my services, whiche I knowe your H. doth confirme, as occa- sions are presented, are suche encouragments unto me, as if I knewe by what meanes, I would shewe my self more worthy of your honorable fa- vors. But what I want in abilitie, I hope to make up in diligence, whiche I doe assure your H., to effect any good, must be more then ordi- nary, and more then many will imagine, that are not heere in place, to see the daily thwartes that are offered, and their broken proceedinges. I am glad to knowe by your H. that my often writing to my Lorde, wilbe well accepted. It is the last point of that service, whiche I would willingly shewe unto his L Whiche I have pur- posely forborne, lest writing to your H. whiche, if there were any mater, was also written to fol.27r
my L. I mght seeme to be more troblesome, then my buisnes did require. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. August 9 Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley