Letter ID: 0853
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.60r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0853/008
Date: 02 August 1589
Copy of: 0206


Endorsed: Aug 2 to Master Secretary 89


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 2 August To Master Secretary

It may please your H. by my former lettres unto you & by the inclosed to my L. Treasorer I have written about the Articles which were sent unto me from hir Majesty & because I suppose yt wilbe imparted unto you I will not trouble your H. to heare yt repeated, my L.Willughbyes answer to the placcart is come to many mens handes in these countreys both in French & in Flemishe, Barnevelt himselfe hath shewed yt in counsell & declared that yf he mighte be parmitted, he would reply in such sort as not onely these contreys but all England & other places shall talk of the matter. Howbeyt the counsell gave no answer to him, nor uttred any token of liking or disliking, But I would my L. could have liked to have made some of us that ar heer acquainted, with his purpose before the book had bin published we could have put him in minde of sondry very necessary pointes which are ill omitted tending to his owne defence & theyr reproche. I think your H ys advertised of the Count Hohenloes coming hether, I cannot parceave yf he was publickely honored, & [.] yt ys supposed he came not of him self, The most of those with whom I have talked ar of opinion that he hath bin moved to returne by some private parsons who desyre to have the marriage concluded between the Countesse of Bueren & him therby to encrese the Nobility of this countrye. & to make theyr particular party strong with his friendship. Ther ys also a speech that he hath lettres from the K of Denmarke the D. of Saxony & some other princes of Germany to hir Majesty, to what effect I cannot learne, but yt hath bin bruted that they are to request of her Majestye a favorable hearing of those causes in which he hath bin touched in thes countreyes, wheruppon the report hath gon within these four daies that he would dispatche a gentleman to hir Majesty which yet I understand ys not greatly liked of by some that ar here He ys departed this daye towardes Gorchum to Count Maurice for that the Ennemy ys sayd to have made his approches to Huesden. It ys understood this day from Schenck that the 28 of this /last/ moneth he encountred with the Ennemy, marching towardes frieseland, about Haltern one the borders of Wesphayle & defeated 7 Ensignes of footemen & 3 cornetes of Horse which he put all to the sword, but that then escaped about the nomber of 40 horsemen, & as he himself writeth his bootye of Jewells, plate mony & other things of price was very ritche fol.60v
besydes 500 horse of one sort & other which he caried awaie of his owne companies ther was not one slayne yn the Conflict, nor more then three hurt, that died shortly after & thus I take &c. August 2. 89