Letter ID: 0206
Reference: TNA, SP 84/34/3 f.3r-4v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0206/008
Date: 02 August 1589
Copies: 0853 


Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Francis Walsingham knight, Principall secretary to her Majestie.

Endorsed: 2 August 1589 From Master Bodley.

Later Addition: 2 August 1589


It may please your H. by my former letters unto yow, and by the inclosed to my L. Treasuro[r I have written about the Articles whiche were sent unto me from her Majestie and because I suppose it wilbe imparted unto yow, I will not troble your H. to heare it repeted. My L. Willugh- bies answear to the Placcart is come to many mens handes in these contreis, bothe in Frenche and in Flem- mishe. Barnevelt himself hath showed it in Coun- cell, and declared that if he might be permitted, he would replie in suche sort, as not only these contreis, but all England, and other places shall talke of the mater. Howbeit the Councell gave no answear unto him, nor Uttered any token of liking or disliking. But I would my L. could have liked to have made some of us that are heere acquainted with his purpose, before the booke had bin published we could have putt him in minde of sundrie very necessary pointes, whiche are ill omitted, tending to his owne defense, and their reproche. I thinke your H. is advertised, of the Count Hohenloes comming hither. I can not perceave that he was publickly revoked, and yet it is supposed, that he came not of himself. The most of those with whome I have talked are of opinion, that he hath bin mo- ved to returne by some privat persons, who desire to have the mariage concluded between the Coun- tesse of Bueren and him, thereby to increase the Nobilitie of this contrey, and to make their parti- cular partie strong with his frindship. There is also a speeche that he hath letters from the Kinge of Denmarke, the D of Saxonie, and some other princes of Germanyto her Majestie. To what fol.3v
effect I can not learne: but it hath bin bruted, at they are to request of her Majestie, a favorable hearing of those causes, in which he hath bin touched in these contreis: wheruppon the report hath gone within these fewe daies, that he would dispatche a gentleman to her Majestie which yet I understand is not greatly liked of by some that are heere. He is departed this day towardes Gorchum to Count Maurice, for that the Ennemie is said to have made his approches to Huesden.

It is understoode this day from Schincke that the 28 of the /last/ moneth he encountered with the Enemie marching towardes Friseland, about Halteren on the borders of Westphalia, and defeated 7 Enseignes of footmen, and 3 Cornets of horse, which he putt all to the sworde, but that there escaped about the nomber of 40 horsemen: and as he himself writeth, his bootieof Jewels, plate, mony and other thinges of price, was very riche, besides 500 /horse/ of one sort and other, whiche he caried away. Of his owne companies, there was not one slaine in the Conflict, nor more then three hurt, that died shortly after. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. Aug 2. 89. Your H. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley