Letter ID: 0807
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.117r-118v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0807/008
Date: 18 March 1589
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Endorsed: My letter to my L. Treasuror. March 18. 88


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 stilo Rom 18 March to my L Treasurer

Ryght Honourable my veary good Lord, I writte in my laste of the 9 of this moneth, of the States besieging of Gertrudenberge, a resolution secretly taken with Counte Maurice, not with the privitie of the Counsell of State, nor yeat of their owne assemblie, but by th'advise of some certayne, of which in my former to your L. I named the principall: whose proceedinges ar all so violente, and so headdy, as far myne owne parte I can forsee no better consequent then a daungerous alteration in the state of this gouvernment. This theare are many of the cheifest hear that see, and confesse, & yeat suffer to go forward, every man respecting his owne quiettnes and ease. I have signified amonge them as occasion hath bin offered, the dislike which I thinke her Majestie will conceave of this forceable course, consideringe they have not, as becommed them in dutie, accquaynted her with it. They alleadge that they have often heartofore complayned to her Majestie, but still received both from her, and from her ministers, fair promisses, and no effectes: but wear rather by that meanes prevented in their purposes. Howbeit uppon th'examination of it with them, it doth appeare that they have /not/ dealte with her Highnes in such effectuall manner, & so often, as in such a cause, and in goode correspondence it was requisite, before they had resolved to use this extremitye. This the greater parte hear will acckno- leadge, & rather wishe that any other meanes had bin practi- sed, then this of open hostilitie. Notwithstandinge if it had come to the question of the meanes, consideringe the unrulie disposition of those in Gertrudenberge, I can not tell what to saye els, but Non perinde dii aduarii posse, quid optimum factu sit, quam pessimum fuisse, quod factum est. For the assemblinge of thease forces agaynst the Towne, hath veary much weakened the garrisons of Zelande, & Overisell: whearby it is thoughte that th'ennemy er be longe fol.117v
er be longe, wilbe drawen to some enterprise: especially then, when Sir John Norrice is deprotie. The Counte hath fortified in divers places neer Gertrudenbergh, so as it is thought th'ennemy cannot come to it: & hath besides cutte the dickes, & lett in the water rounde aboute, Nevertheles they within seeme veary resolute, havinge as it is saide artilery, powder, shotte, men, & victualls sufficiente. Once or twice th'ennemy at Bridow, hath made fiers in the nighte, but those of Gertrudenberg have not answeared agayne. The sixe shippes which weare promised heare to Sir John Norris, I do not thincke wilbe sente. for those deputies of the States that are heare, alleadge they can do nothinge without the reste, that are absente at the siege: whearby the shippes ly fower at Amsterdam, and two at Enchusen unprepared: which I do construe as done of sette purpose, for that they are not dealte with all by her Majestie in those Complaintes which they have made aboute the supernumeraries in the Cautionarie townes, and in divers other pointes, as they pretend they ought to be by Contracte. Whearuppon, as occasions are presented, I am parsuaded they will shew some greater discontentmente. I am forced by reason of Master Secretaries indisposition, to trouble yowr L. more with my lettres, then is fitte, or then I woulde, hopinge that for the better cariage of mysealfe in this ticklishe state, your L. will vouchesafe me so much of your honourable favoure, as to procure me some kinde of direction and answear to suche matters of mommente as I have delivered in my former letters & writings whearwith allwayes recommendinge my humble searvice and dutie to your L. I cease to trouble yow further. From the Hage. Martii: 88. Yowr L. moste humbly bounden