Letter ID: 0149
Reference: TNA, SP 84/31/157 f.160r-161v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0149/008
Date: 19 March 1589
Note: At the word 'acquainted' there are three tightly drawn marks in the margin. At the word 'Amsterdame' there are two tightly drawn marks in the margin.
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Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lorde, the L Burghley, Lorde high Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 29 Martij 1588 Master Bodeley to my L. from the Haghe./ The beseeginge of Gertrudenbergh by Counte Maurice, withowt the privity of the Counsell of Estate. He dowbteth that the 6 shippes promised Sir John Norris will not be ready.

Later Addition: 19 March 88/9


Right honorable my very good Lord, I writte in my last of the 9 of this moneth, of the statesbesieging of Gertrudenbergh, a resolucion secretly taken with Count Maurice, not with the privitie of the Councell of state, nor yet of their owne assembly, but by the advise of some certain, of whiche in my former to your L. I named the principall: whose proceedinges are all so violent, and so headdy, as for mine owne part, I can forsee no better consequent, then a daungerous alteration in the state of this government. This there are many of the chiefest heere that see, and confesse, and yet suffer to goe forward: every man respecting his owne quietnes and ease. I have signified among them, as occasion hath bin offered, the dislike whiche I thinke her Majestie will conceave of this forceable course, considering they have not, as becommed them in duty, acquainted her with it. They alleage, that they have often heertofore complained to her Majestie but still re- ceaved, both from her, and from her ministers, faire promises, and no effectes: but were rather by that meanes prevented in their purposes. Howbeit uppon the examination of it with them, it doth not appeere, that they have /not/ dealt with her Highnes in suche effectuall maner and so often, as in suche a cause, and in goodcorrespondence it was requisit, before they had re- solved to use this extremitie. This the greater part heere will acknowledge, and rather wishe, that any other meanes had bin practised, then this of open hostilitie. Notwithstanding if it had come to the question of the meanes, considering the unruly disposition of those in Gertrudenbergh, I can not tell what to say els, but Non perinde dijudicari posse, quid optimum factu sit, quam pessimum fuisse, qued factum est. For the assembling of those forces against the towne, hath very muche weak- ned the garrisons of Zeland and Overyssel: wherby it is thought, that the Ennemie, er be long, wilbe drawen fol.160v
to some enterprise: especially then, when Sir John Norris is departed. The Count hath fortified, in di- vers places neere Gertrudenberg so as it is thought the ennemie can not come to it: and hath besides cutte the dickes, and lett in the water rounde about. Never- theles they within seeme very resolut, having, as it is said, artillerie, powder, shotte, men and vittels suffi- cient. Once or twice the Ennemie at Bridaw, hath made fires in the night: but those of Gertrudenberg have not answeared againe. The six shippes, whiche were promised heere to Sir John Norris, I doe not thinke will be sent. For those deputies of the states that are heere, alleage they can doe nothing, without the rest, that are ab- sent at the siege: wherby the shippes lie fower at Am- sterdame, and two at Enchusen, unprepared: whiche I doe construe as done of sette purpose, for that they are not dealt withall by her Majestie in those complaintes whiche they have made, about the supernumeraries in the Cautionary townes, and in divers other pointes, as they pretend they ought to be by Contract. Wheruppon as occasions are presented, I am persuaded they will shewe some greater discontentment. I am forced by reason of Master Secretaries indisposition, to trouble your L. more with my letters then is fitte, or then I would hoping that for the better cariage of my self in this ticklishe state, your L. will vouchsafe me so muche of your hono- rable favour, as to procure me some kinde of direction and answear to suche maters of moment, as I have delivered in my former letters and writinges. Where alwaies recommending my humble service and duty to your L. I cease to troble yow further. From the Hage Martij 19. 88 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley


Postscript: I am advertised that the Count, having planted his artillerie both on the water and land side of the towne of Gertrudenbergh, intendeth to beginne to begin his batterie, ether this day or to morowe. I have imploied a fitte person to lie about the camp, and to bring me the certaintie of all that shall passe, whiche I will not faile, to certifie accordingly to your L.