Letter ID: 0805
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.104r-105v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0805/008
Date: 09 March 1589
Note: At the start of fol.104v, the letter is scribal.
Copy of: 0146


Endorsed: Copie of lettre to my L. Treasurour March 9 88.


Later Addition: 1590 Stilo Rom 9 March To my L. Treasurer

It may please your L. to be advertised, that I have written two former letters unto yow, since the 21 of February of whiche in my last, I signified of Count Maurice preparation, whiche is since imploied, as then it was suspected, against Ger- trudenbergh: where the Count accompanied with the Count of Holmes, certaine of the states, the Ma- reshall Villiers and others, approched the 4 of this moneth, towardes the evening, with about the number of 200 boates, of one sort and other: and, by common estimation, with 4000 souldiers. The next morning after he landed his men, and endevored the cutting of the dicke towardes Bridaw and the building of a fort, uppon the point of the said dicke: where he was shotte at, from the towne, whens also there issued some fewe, that skirmished with his people. But nothing of mo- ment was perfourmed. The ennemie in those quarters, is very strong: and will also make offers to buy the towne: as he doth understand, but report, promising threescore moneths pay to every souldier. Whiche, for mine owne part, con- sidering what I heare of the desperat disposition, and courses over dissolut of those soulders, I dout, if they can, they will rather accept, then yeld obedience to the states. I have talked with a couple, that are come from the towne, since the states arrivall, who left them then at a resolut point, if the siege continued, to putte out all the Burgers, for their better provision, /or if all sholde faile/ ether to call in the ennemie, or to fight it out to the uttermost Manytimes, since my imploiment in this service, I have offered publickly at the Councell table, and privatly to Barnevelt and others, that if they fol.104v
wold devise amonge themselves, howe her Majestie might redresse their griefe in that towne, upon shewinge me the meanes, I wold indevour to give them suche assistaunce, as I did not dout in the ende, but to woorke their contentment. Howebeit they have Rather chosen this violent procedinge, as beinge parswaded which is heere so evident, as nothinge more That all is done in Gertrudenberge, with her Majesties good likinge: whereupon They hould her Majestie all Suspected, and growe more & more In dislike of all th nation, Wherof also I have Touched hereto fore in my letter To Master Secretarye, some other occasyons: with whome, if his honors sickenes will aforde him so muche ease, as To looke upon my letters, O beseche yow to impart this occurrence. And So I Take my humble leave. From The Hage 9th March 88. Your L. most humble to commaunde.