Each of the letters in the edition has been transcribed and encoded as an individual XML file using the custom-built transcribing software ‘Transcriber’s Workbench’, developed by Mind Magic Ltd. A customized XML-schema written for the project ensures an exact match between the XML and the data to be encoded.

At the completion of the project, if required by the data storage facility, a transformation will be performed to convert the XML into a format compatible with the TEI guidelines.

The XML mark-up defines the structure of the letter transcript, of which the main elements are: the editorial summary; the address leaf, within which are the superscription, sign manual, endorsement(s) and any later notes and additions; and the letter transcript itself, within which may be a postscript, subscription and any later notes and additions.

Various other features of the document have also been marked up, as described below in the Transcription Policy.