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Dr Matthew Symonds


For enquiries about this edition, please contact Dr Robyn Adams. If you know of any letters which should be included within the scope of this edition (allowing for the regular release of chronological sections), please let us know!


This edition was created and is hosted by the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL), a research centre independently established as part of the academic landscape of Queen Mary, University of London.

The project team wishes to thank Nadine Akkerman, Caroline Baker, Rosanna Cox, Mordechai Feingold, Helen Graham-Matheson, John Guy, John Hare, Sam Hare, Lisa Jardine, Samuli Kaislaniemi, Christine Madsen, Eleanor Merchant, Noah Moxham, Richard Ovenden, Kirsty Rolfe, William Sherman, Alan Stewart, David Vickery, and Alison Wiggins, for their comments, encouragement, and suggestions.