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Brooke Palmieri

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Brooke Palmieri studied English and History for their undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, but it was working at the Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts during that time that really shaped Brooke's interest in the history of the book, the development of libraries, and archive studies. After completing a Masters in Early Modern English Literature at Oxford in 2010, Brooke entered the antiquarian book trade with a focus on cataloguing early printed books. Between 2013-2017, they completed a PhD at UCL, Compelling Reading: The Circulation of Quaker Texts, detailing the interlocking archival and publication habits of Quakers in the second half of the 17th century, and the influence of those habits on their radical ideas. Brooke is the editor of Printing History, the journal for the American Printing History Association and founder of Camp Books, a bookselling and publishing platform to preserve and widen access to the histories of LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming people.

Instagram: @camp.books