Hooke Folio


liquor would passe into the Bladder and vpon the turning of the stopcock be kept there in the form of air wthout
relapsing into water. - Mr. Hooke mentiond seuerall liquors that by their working vpon one another would
generate an air. vizt. oyle of tartar & vitrioll. spt. of wine & ^ /oyl of/ turpentine &c - (Dr. Charlton tht Rynkouer wine
and gall put together would presently ferment.) Col Blunt tht all green put into wines would Reuiue them by fermentation
as angelica. also pounded oysters) grant macasser poyson. to be tryd.) also some indian nutts). Zulichems Lett of march 5. 1665.
about pendul watches wth Maj Holmes.) samples taken of the watches) an error in majr. Holmes Relation) merret one bladder double -
mr. Haak about viper wine) Blunt about adding 2 wheels to french chariot retaining Long springs) Mr. Hook suggested that for
the conuenience of turning the springs might be doubled & soe made shorter, whereby the Rider would haue ease and the chariot
turne in eny street conueniently
March. 15. 1664/5. Rynkouer wine & Gall tryed but failed) The Expt. of generating air was made in this manner there was taken
a common glasse viol wth two pipes. & some pounded oyster shells & aquafortis. and as soon as the aqua fortis was by
one of the pipes powred in vpon the oyster shells and the hole stopt with a peice of hard Cement, the Exhallition
caused by the corrosion of the shells by the . did in a little time blow vp the Bladder tyed on the other pipe
soe as to swell it with air very plump. which expansion Remainnd till the rising of the Society when the
vessell in that posture was Lockd vp to remain there till the next meeting. Dr. wrens makes vse of this Experimts
to Explicate the motion of the muscles by explosion.      There was also taken a bottle conteining strong ale
that had been bottled a while and ouer the bottles mouth was tyed an oxe bladder out of which the air was squeezd
after which by loosning the cork by degrees the air was blown out into the bladder by the expansion of the fermen
ting liquor within & the bladder was almost half filled with an aeriall spirit generated by the working liquor.
(mr. Boyle mention this might be vsefull for making air vnder water & named seuerall wholesome materialls for tht purpose)
that some animall should be tryd in it.) Dr. wilkins to haue the air blown into doggs mouth for tryall) macasser poyson tryd
mr Pepys Related that the master of the Iersey ship said their Reckonning was as neer as that of the watches. which he added
had varied from one another vnequally sometimes backwards sometimes forward, to 4, 6, 7, 3, 5 minutes as also that
they had been corrected by the vsuall account, and as to the Island they had watered at that it was not at fuego but
at another 30 miles distant from the same west wards. Sr. R moray herevpon Rectifyd some mistakes in the former Relation
as that the 4 or 500. Leagues was but 200. and that though they waterd not at fuego yet they made that Island, & some other &c
mr. Hooke affirmed that in his opinion noe certainty could be had from these watches for the Longitudes. because first they
neuer hung perpendicular and consequently their cheeks were fals. 2ly all kind of motion vpward and downward
though we should grant the watches hung ^ /in an exact/ perpendicular posture) would alter the vibrations of them. 3 any
Lateral motion would produce yet a greater alteration. The President mentiond that these difficultys had
been considerd and the matter put to Expt which was to cleer all. In the mean time it was orderd that the
watches should be brought ashore & some Expt. made wth them by contriuing vp & down motions & Laterall
to see what alterations they would cause in them. Mr Hooke declared that he did intend to put his secret
concerning the Longitudes into the hands of the President to dispose of it as he should thick fitt (about getting
a diuer) The Lord Brounker Ld of northamton mr Boyle. Sr. Rob: Moray Sr Wm Petty Mr Henshaw &
mr. Hooke. were appointed a Comtee. to consider of the improuemt. of Artillery (a gun obteind for the Society to
make Expt. wth.) mr. Hook was orderd to draw vp a Series of Expts. for the Improuing of Artillery -
mr. Hook mentiond that he had Discouered values in the pores of wood and seen them crosse the
pores of which he was desired to shew the expt. (cassini hypothesis of Late comet about Canis major Read)
(A motion for Reposing hints vnder seal in secretarys hand). consented to but only for a twelue month.) -
Dr. Godderd & mr. Hooke were desired to consider of the Barometricall obseruations made through
the whole Last year and bring in an account thereof. (Dr. Goddard Curator of Dissolutions.)
March 22. 1664/5.      ) there were made 2 expts. for the finding out a way to breath vnder water vseful for
Diuers. 1. by putting a bird into the Rarifying Engine and wth. it a glasse bottle wth Distilld vinegar and pounded oyster
shells. which whilst the vinegar is Dissoluing them affords a steam which is supposed to be a kind of new air fit for Respiration
the bottle was also close stopped wth. a cork soe orderd that by putting the stop cock placed at the top of the Receiuer
the cork might by turning it be pulled out without admitting an ingresse of the externall air. then the Rcr
being accurately cemented to the Engine, the air was pumpd out wherevpon the bird grew sick and when it was
thought neer dying, the bottle was vnstopped that the steames and supposed air that had been shut vp in it
during the operation might haue liberty to expand themselues in the Receiuer for the Refreshing & Recouery
of the animall. But here it succeeded not insoemuch tht though the bird was taken out of the Receiuer and exposed
to the fresh air yet it Recouered not. the 2d was made wth a kitling after the same manner only that insteed
of Distilld vineger, was imployed, whereof the successe was that the air being drawn out till the cat had done
strugling. and was vpon point of expiration, and the bottle being vnstoppd to emitt the steames, & supposed air
into the Receiuer, the cat did soon begin to Recouer. wherevpon the animal had fresh air giuen it, which -
was again exhausted to see whether it would Reuiue of it self wthout the nitrous exhalations. But after this
exhaustion the Cat appeared Dying, wherevpon she was after a Little while taken out into the open air -
whereon shee reuiued againe (suggestion.) also that a standerd might be made to see wt quantity of air was
generated. The glasse phiol & sweld bladder shut vp Last day was produced & the bladder found shrunk
(The same expt. to be made with a glasse. whelmed ouer the corroding body to catch all the steames). It being queryd by wt
token these steames were proued air the Pret said that a body rarifyd by heat & condensed by cold was air: thereupon
the bladder heated was found to swell & coold to grow flaccid againe. farther tryall was made of the steam of vinegar & shells
for Respiration by Smelling to it but found offensiue to all) It being moued by mr Hook that the air boxes contriued for Diuing
might be tryd by the Person bespoke by mr Pepys. It was orderd that this Diuer should be sent to mr Hooke to be instructed
by him teaching the vse of the sd boxes vnder water. orderd also that mr Hooke procure glasses fit to see wth vnder water as
farr as the thicknesse of the water will permitt. (Auzout Letter of Campany good Glasses) query to be sent)    mr Hooke
offerd to Consider of Exp[ts. of Respiration for next meeting -