Hooke Folio


Oldenb: made motion in the name of some member of the Society. (R Boyle only) That when any
of the same should haue a philosophicall notion or Inuention not yet made out, and
desire that the same seald vp in a box might be deposited wth one of the secretary
of the society vntill they could be perfected and soe brought to Light. this
might be allowed for the better securing inuentions to the authors. This mo
tion was ascented to but that such persons as desire this should be put in mind to perfect
that they would indeauour to improue & finish their notions & inuentions and after
a twelue month or thereabout produce them before the Society -
Dr. Godderd & RH to consider of Barometrick obseruations.
march 22. 1664/5 Expts. about making birds liue wth the steams from viniger & and
oyster shells. RH. proposd air box for Diuer to be tryd. and RH to produce spectacles to see vnder water
Auzout acknowledged the goodness of campanys glasses. Expts. of Respiration Refraction & falling bodys to be
presented. & mr Pepys Desird to procure the Iournalls of the masters of ships that had been wth major holmes
in Guiney & Differd from him in the Relation concerning the Pendulum watches -
march. 29. expts. of Refraction of water & oyle of Turpentine tryd. Ap. 5. fast
Ap. 12. 1665. Boyles book of cold to Dr Godderd. RH Reported the air generated from oyster shells & returnd
into Liqor. RH. Od to prosecute chariot wth 4 springs & 4 wheels.
Ap. 19. Florentine poyson tryd. Auzout Ephemerides of the comets presented. East india grasse deliud
to RH for RS. Ap: 26. RH to meet at Coll Blunts to try chariot
may 3. 1665. RH producd /2/ modale of chariott 1 horse 2 wheels the 1st man sitting before the wheels &
the boy behind directing the chariott. 2 man sitting behind the boy before counterpoysd him.
may. 10. 1665. Sr. W Pettys Double bottomd vessell. at Deal. RH tryd expt. of Dog in Rr. exhaustd
wth. a perforation in his thx. Fryday next orderd to obserue the variation of the needle at Whitehall
may. 24. RH Reportd Expt. of Refraction of oyle of Turpentine on water. mr moneys letter about the Palmes
of sallows Read. the variation obserud nothing. the King pleasd wth the Expt. orderd to try the injecting of
the blood of one dog into another. R may. 31 RH appointed to Dissect the monstrous colts head
a 2d Letter of mr moneys Read. RH Iune 7. RH Reported the not growing of oyl of lettice
Lettice seed in the exhausted Rr. the Variation of the needle to be further tryd. the Expts. on Pauls to be
farther prosecuted. Dr. Pope told of one at Paris walking on the water and b wth. Leather breeched blowd
full of wind & RH propounded such a girdle. RH mentiond his walking wheel. expts. of
Refraction tryd wth. water oyle of turpentine &c Iune 14. 1665. Zulichems Letter ^ /may 29 1665/
1 about Heuelius hauing printed 60 sheet in folio of the late comet. and 2d. difficultys propounded against RH
his glasse grinding instrument. Expt. of variation to be again tryd. wth. Philips & mar.
Iune 21. RH Produced his new sextant wth. optick sights and a screw like diuiding compasses opening
an ojoynt. Prince Ruperts quadrant for sea wth. a tricker Propounded by Sr. R moray.
the variation to be againe obserued Dr wren about Flying. RH suggested that it was not
sufficient to haue a theory for the Descent of an expanded area ^/of an expanded area perpendicularly downwards because that the descent/ moued edgways horizontally in
the air was extreamly differing in wch. way all motion of flying must be performed.
Iune 28. 1665. the society Discontinued & the President ^ /& society vrged/ exorted RH to prosecute his chariots
watches Glasses During this Recesse.
march. 14. 1665/6. Petits Book of the comet Recommended to RH. Dr. Wilk & RH reported
about Chariotts. Dr wren & RH to amend this chariot. RH Gaue an account of his tryall
in a deep well. Dr. Dickenson turned water into Earth
march. 21. RH brough in his Little quadrant wth. a screw on the edge. mr Colway gaue
the collection of Hathert. RH Reported the sand Generated in the salt boylers in Hambshire
Dr. wren gaue RH Description of some french chariotts-
march 28. 1666. RH presented his paper of obseruations of the planet mars & of the differing dispo
sitions of the air. RH produced scales in a box for finding the decrease and increase of attraction in
Loadstones. Apr: 4 RH audited accounts.
Apr. 18. 1666. there was Produced by mr. Hooke a new kind of watch whose motion is regulated by a
Loadstone the ballance of it being a Rod of steel. concerning wch. the President Declared that this
way might be the best of all in case the magnet kept the same temper.
Apr. 25. 1666. RH shewd by a terrella thathe lines of the magneticall attraction are ovalls
wch. touch in e center of the magnet the axis thereof. he proud it by a small needle following