Letter ID: 1299
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.92v-97v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1299/008
Date: October 1596
Note: The concluding comment before the section dated 29th September 1596, and the titular comment on f.97r, are indented.


A memoriall of the proceedeinge with the Deputies of the States

[In margin: 4 Januarij 1594]
Master Bodeley was sente to the States to declare what losses had happened to her Majestie, her Crowne and Subjectes by the warres which she hathe with the Ke of Spayne for aydeinge of them of the Country, and by the greate conty- nuall expenses of her treasure, and wasteinge of her Subjectes. In which respecte her Majestie desired to be eased of her contynuall burthen and be reembused of some parte of her Majesties charges, And alsoe at that tyme her Majestie remembred unto them the leavie of 1500 men by Sir Francis Veere, which was promised should be retourned upon the recovery of Groninge At this tyme alsoe they were required to discharge her Majestie of a debte due to Sir Horatio Palavincino/ which ought to have bene paid by the States in 81. For lacke of payment where of her majestie hathe bene charged with the Yearlie interest for the which the States did promise in ther fol.93r
1596 Assembly at Delfte in the Yeare 81 to discharge her majestie which hathe not bene parformed./

[In margin: [[Ap]]ril 1595]
The States answeringe there unto did declare their encrease of charges, and namely for their shippeinge maynteyned in 88. againste the Enemy and their expences in 89 for the Journey of Portingale: and likewise for the aydeinge of her Majestie with their navye in Brittayne without any particuler answere to her Majesties demaundes presupposed that this proposition of her Majesties requeste cannot convenyentlie be communicated to the provynces with out daunger./ [In margin: [[.]] 1595]
A secret motion was made to Master Bodeley to have the Queene parsuaded to be contented with these offers of the States. Firste to acquite her Majestie of all the charges of the auxiliarie forces/ and alsoe of the Cautionarie when soever her Majestie should be pleased to delyver the townes./

Secondlie to make a Yearlie payment xxMli to contynue certeyne yeares fol.93v
as may be agreed betwixte her majestie and them./

Thirdly to ayde her Majestie with their shipinge or other meanes uppon her Majesties requisition

Forthlie not to enter into treatie of peace with the K of Spayne, nor with any Portingall Potentate without her Majestie allowance/

Fiftely to paye to her Majestie after the Country shalbe broughte to peaceable estate, or become united with the reste of the Provynces the Somme of CMli Yearly by the space of 4. 4. of more Yeares./

Lastelie it was concluded by the partie that the States mighte be induced to these offers uppon this onely condicion that dureinge the tyme of their troubles they may be parmitted to enterteyne 4000 footemen Englishe and therto added a requeste to have all reconinges stricken uppe/ and acquitted/ fol.94r
1596 [In margin: [Au]gust 1595]
Master Bodeley revived her Majesties peticions, but ther unto he coulde gett noe resolute answere. and soe the matter [In margin: March. 95]
was delayed untyll the xxjth of Marche followeinge, at which tyme they made him answere, that they had resolved to present their offers to her Majestie: by Delegates and there with a release of the auxiliarie Charges and xxMli sterlinge Yearlyinge till the ende of the Warre which they restrayned onely to her Majesties life, and not to her Successors, contrary to the wordes of the treaty .85. Againste the which Master Bodeley did oppose him selfe, sheweinge, that he had noe Commission from her Majestie to allowe of ther offers./

[In margin: Martij 95]
The States doe delyver to Master Bodeley ther offers in Writeinge: to which Master Bodeley answered, that he had newes acquaynted her Majesties with ther former offers, neither that he had Comission to accepte the same./

[In margin: Martij [[9]]6]
Articles were delyvered in writeinge, contayninge requestes of the States to contynue her Majesties succors, and if not, that they mighte duringe the Warre entertayne at their fol.94v
expences fower, or five thowsand Englishe souldiers, addeinge that if her Majestie: woulde be discharged of the auxiliarie souldiors Companies, the same coulde not be done but twoe monthes after the States shalbe advertised of her Majesties resolution likewise if her Majestie woulde be discharged of the cautionarie she mighte soe be in delyveringe of the townes. But if she shalbe pleased to keepe them still, the same may be without prejudice and without any charge, or obligacion of the States for the same./ But only for the services in powder accordinge to the treatie Furthermore they offer to sende yearly an honorable legacion at the daye of her Majesties Natyvitie, with offer also of xxti Mli yearely dureinge the Warre, the same to be payde onlye to her Majesties parsone and not otherwise/

Item they offer also iiijxx M li sterling to be paid yearly for 4 yeares after the ende of the Warre, and then the annuytie of xxM li to cease/ fol.95r

Item they desier that it may please her Majestie for reneweinge of all ther former offers to discharge them of all obligations and interestes, that her Majestie, or any other hathe by mighte or action or maye have uppon the Lowe Countries in generall or any members of the same in particular, saveinge that her Majestie maye have her remedie againste the other provynces nowe occupied by the Enemy./ Item it is required that the States mighte sende their deputies with these offers. To which Master Gilpyn answered in writeinge that her Majestie had seene their articles delivered to Master Bodeley, which beinge visited by her Majestie she did apprehend the representacion, and the reembursementt to be very shorte in proportion to her longe and greate charges And that also diverse poyntes conteyned in those articles required a further consideracion, which mighte be better voyded by mutuall conference and thoughe her Majestie founde it inconve nyent to assure them before their fol.95v
Commeinge of her satisfaction. Yet she was contented, that they mighte come, if they soe thoughte good/

This muche hathe passed before the comminge of the Deputies into Englande/

[In margin: 29 September 1596]
The deputies were treated with all to understande whether they had any larger authorities to encrease their offers and to alter the same, which they denyed to have. And theruppon it was declared unto them, that her Majestie coulde not accepte of ther offers sheweinge many particular reasons for mayntennance there of./

[In margin: 4 October 96]
The deputies doe parsiste in requeste to have their offers accepted, and particularlye, toucheinge certeyne obligacions, and namely the debte of Palavincino./ they did include the discharge therof, for that they thoughte they shoulde be charged there with though they doe maynteyne it, that they be not bounde there unto/ A large discourse hath bene mad[e] fol.96r
A large discourse hathe bene made, and reade in writeinge answeringe all the partes of ther overtures in orders amongeste which, these which followe are principallie to be noted/

The offer of xxM li in name of gratuitie seemeth very late consideringe her Majestie aydes have contynued these xix yeares In which tyme noe signification of gratuitie hathe bene offered Item ther offers of iiij xx M li yearlie for 4 Yeares after the warre have suche uncerteyntie for any tyme of paymentt, and likewise it it soe small a somme to satisfie her Majesties Charges, which dothe amounte above xjC M li sterling besides other due debtes of greate value not conteyned in the contracte, and namely that of Palavincino, as in noe wise her Majestie can accepte therof./

Item also for those respectes her Majestie thinketh their requeste unreasonable to be discharged not onely of all Sommes due by force of the treatie, but also of all fol.96v
1596. former particular bandes of greate Sommes of mony Lente unto the States in the Yeares 77.78. & 81 for the which her Majestie hathe their bandes besides a spetiall debte due by them for her Majesties charges for leavye of men for the releise of Antwerpe which amounteinge to neere hande xxti M li shoulde have bene paide within xij monthes after. In In conclusion they were required to sende to the States to have some further authoritie to enlarge their offers/.

[In margin: 14 October 96]
The Deputies make answere, that they have not thoughte it good to sende to the States for any larger authoritie But yet they have advertised them x Dayes paste of their conferences had with the Counsaill. And where it was alledged that Sovereigne Princes may uppon juste causes departe from their treaties, they denye the some to be agreable to Lawe. they answer that their offer, of satisfaction hathe not bene very late, consideringe noe day of payment is yet to come fol.97r
1596 daye of paymente is yet come Item they alledge it, not to be reasonable at this tyme to reenter into the matter of Accomptes./

A memoriall how to proceed presentlie with the deputies

Firste to repeate unto them howe this matter nowe offered hathe had the beginninge, and processe, declareinge at all tymes her Majesties mislikeinge of the offers and of her determynacion to be disburdened of her greate charges in respecte of the newe trobles groweinge from the mightines of the K of Spayne and of her presente troubles in Ireland. And therfore it may seeme reasonable to assentte to these thinges followeinge

Firste to require an encrease of the xxti M li yearlie and the paymentt therof not to be restrayned to her Majesties life onelie, whereby if god shoulde shorten the same (as noe cristian oughte to forethinke) it shold prove onely profitable to the states to be discharged of their greate fol.97v
debt by the decease of her Majestie a matter very uncomfortable to all parsons which have intereste in her Majesties liefe. And the paymente of this Amitie to be accounted in parte of the debte that shalbe due by vertue of the contracte

Secondly it is to be allowed to discharge her Majestie of the auxiliarie companyes and ther with to agree to their requeste for the entertayneinge of a convenient nombre of Englishe, uppon their charges

Item it is juste and reasonable to demand a discharge of the debte due to Palavincino the principall beinge xxxiijm CCC lxxiij li iiijs iiijd and likewise to reembourse to her Majestie the somme of xlv m ij C lvij li vij s ij d ob paid for the intereste of the same for discharge whereof the States are bounde to [save] bothe her Majestie for her parte and the Cittie of London harmelesse for their bondes delyvered at the requeste of the States. fol.98r
Item suche other debtes as are due by bondes maybe be forborne at this presente untill the States may be more able to acquite the same/

Item soe maye alsoe the reemboursement of her Majesties greate charges be at some more convenyent tyme accompted uppon with allowances to the States of all lawfull exceptions./ And the same beinge determyned may be forborne to be demaunded untill mor convenyent tyme. In which poynte it is to be considered that a certeyne acte made by the States 2 October85 whereby is comprehended the reduction of the debte due for the releife of Andwerp shoulde be reduced to be payable in the ende of the warre: the same acte was never allowed by her Majestie but onely accepted by Master Davison by waye of a viewe, & approbation whereunto neither her Majestie nor anye her Comissioners did ever assente, soe as the same debte for Antwerpe remayneth due accordeinge to the provitionall treatye for the releife of Antwerpe