Letter ID: 1297
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.39r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1297/008
Date: 02 April 1596
Note: On fol.39r there is the signature 'L'.



Endorsed: Extract of Master Secretarys lettre of the 2 April 96


And in regard of that, wherin it seemeth you insisted to have it further continuated then to her personne; Her Majestie is con- tent, that you doe not conclude them to that, but to free them [In margin: [.] anual [.]000li]
in that kinde, so they inlarge themselves in the yearely somme to her.

But for conclusion this I am to deliver you. That if you finde by your owne private dealing with them, you cannot returne the States from their pretended resolution, to send over no greater a project then you have mentioned, but that you shall tediousely labour in vaine, then you shall not lett them from sending over their Deputies with their former Resolutions intended, and though you doe not assure them as from us of acceptance, yet lett them in no wise start ba/c/ke from what already they have promised, and so lett it fall out as occasion shalbe offered at their comming, which Her Majestie would not have delayed nor diver- ted when you have tryed your best according to the effect above- said