Letter ID: 1293
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.30r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1293/008
Date: 22 March 1596
Note: On fol.30v there is the signature 'J'. This letter is badly burned along the right hand edge. At the word beginning with 'T' on the third line of fol.30r, there is a vertical line inscribed in the left hand margin which continues until the word 'inclined' on the same page.



Later Addition: Belgia 1596 stilo Romano 22 March Bodly to the Lord Treasurer

May it please your H. Having y[.] L. Tresurer, by a messenger of purpose [.] acquainted with the argument T[.] length a kinde of resolution, and [.] her Majestie but that the doubt, which I h[.] Highnes will be pleased, that they shou[ld .] ments to her person alone, hat[h .] proceeding. For if they and th[.] come into England should /chance to/ be re[.] undoubtedly prejudice the parties t[.] given their assent to dissolve the f[.] and also offer an open gappe, to [.] Spanish and ill disposed people [.] and seditious /dis/courses, and perhaps to [.] pernicious peece of practise. Thes[e .] that /I/ by some meanes will give them s[.] as they may knowe before hand that [.] welcome, they say they dare not giv[.] in a mater of suche consequence to [.] Majestie. For which I am desyrous to [.] of hand, howe her Highnes will comman[d me] in that point. For mine owne part, [.] about with all persuasions, and don [.] devor, to bringe the mater to suche t[.] in my conceat he lyked of her Majestie [.] not token by the course of theyr speeches th[.] their opinions. Which I thought very req[uisit .] once againe, by writing to your H. a[.] therwithall, to be a meanes that I may k[now .] opportunitie, from my L. or from your H. [.] inclined. For albeyt I am pe[.] will not change their mindes, for th[.] yet they did it once or twise in former co[.] still they doe temper with one thing or o[ther .] about this mater above thirtie seve[n .] reason they doe nothing in suche causes [.] without the voice of every one, and goe no[w .] hand peece of worke to compasse their co[.] where they stand every one for, the righ[t .] Province, and come hither to the meeting with [.] being commonly also knowen to be of dyvers Relig[ion .] privat factions which are among particulars [.] mater to report unto your H. but howe nee[dfull it is] to knowe her Hignes resolution. I take my [humble leave] From the Hage 22 of March [1596].


Endorsed: To Sir Robert Cecyll 22 March 95.

Postscript: [.]ppen that the course which her Majestie shall enjoine [.] about the doubt before mentioned, will not be [.]d of the states, I doe humblie crave to knowe what [her] pleasure will be further as touching my returne [M]aster Barnevelt doth also intreat me very earnest [.] to remember by my lettres, that there may be no [. m]ention of his name in these maters, in regard [.] his project. For althoughe it should succeed [to] both her Majesties lyking and the States, yet to hym [it] would be hurtfull for many respectes, and [n]othing good for her Majestie, when heerafter he [s]hall labor to advance her affaires recommended unto hym.