Letter ID: 1290
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.24r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1290/008
Date: 18 February 1596
Note: Fire damage.


[After] our hartie commendacions: Her majestie doth nowe Returne Sir Francis Veare, whose lycence to come over, yow procured of The States by her mayjesties Commandement. It hath pleased her also to referre to his Reporte, the credytt of all such particulers as he shall deale in, being not fytt to be committed to Paper, and by her owne lettres, wherof wee send yow a coppie to warrant what he shall propownde: Herein as in all other thinges, because her maytie is well pleased to use your service as the propre Instrument of her adresses to that States, and of whose wisdome and seccrecie in her causes shee hath so many good argumentes. Her mayjestie hath commanded us in her name to require yow, after he shall have acquainted yow, withall the circumstances, both to yeld him your advise in what sorte best to propownde her desire, and also seryouselie to labour the expedicion of the same as a matter importing her service greatly, and wherin nothing is of greater consequence then the advantage of tyme well gayned; and thus referring the rest to the gentleman's owne Intimation, wee commytt yow to God. From the Corte at Richmonde the xviijth of Februarie 1595 Your very Loving friendes William Burghley Essex Charles Howard Robert Cecyll