Letter ID: 1289
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.23r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1289/008
Date: 18 February 1596


Sir. This bearer Sir Francis Vere retorneth soe fully instructed both with the cause whie he was sent for, and with [.] matters committed to his charge, to be furthered by yowe, as I [.] not inlarge the same by anie writinge: But this I doe add hir Majesties Commaundment, that she is vearie desirous to h[ave] the States stand firme from givinge [Eare] from the [pipinge] of the Archduke. I meane the Archduke to anie turne: & likewise if Monsieur Sanly showld com thither for anie further aide to be had of the States, that except theie maie be assured that the French K. will make noe peace nor truce with the K. of Spaine, they cannot with theire suretie yeld unto him anie aide: the mann[er] howe to procure this firme resolucion in the States I must leave it to your owne best Consideracion./

Your last letters concerning the opinion yowe had of the yelding to the platt office for satsifacion of the Queene by your secrett meanes with Barnevalt did nothinge content her Majestie, because of the delaie of time for performance of the matter: But I hope the succes of that your Negotiacion beinge soe wise he gouverned by yowe will better satisfie hir Majestie then hitherto she is./ And so by reason of my infinite [.] time and lack of leisure I ende this lettre beinge scarce hable to signe the same with my weake hand./ From my howse in the strand this xviijth of Feb 1595. Your assured loving frend./ William Burghley