Letter ID: 1286
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.19r-20v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1286/008
Date: 26 January 1596
Note: On fol. 19r there is the signature 'E'.



Addressed: To the R: honorable Master Bodley Lo Embassador for her Majestie in the Low Countreys: A La Haye


My Lord Embassador, sence my last I have wrytten into England, to the effect [.] your Come advised me, and have now sent answer to the states letter according unto your Instructions, only I have not thoug[ht] fitt that they showld Goe abowt the town[e] knowing that though I would be Content t[.] see him, that hathe accused me of treason which I will never doe by the Grace of Go[d] yet are there besides the Captaynes and officers, 500 that would never endure to [.] him pass without some notable revenge, which I will prevent as long as they shall keepe ther howses: and assoone as it shall please the states to send for them I will take order they shall pass without any harme fol.19v
but I am notably sorrye tha[t] none the Cownsell of state [.] whom I would have done a[.] honer I had Cowld, whoe allso [.] they showld have seene my fa[.] of Government and manner of [.] Cariage, I know would have t[.] lyked of me, as long as I had [.] in ther service:

Your Lo: hathe in his letter all mo[.] very aunswer which I have wrytten to [.] states which I sent away with the [.] hart that of any thing weare [.] strainge in it, your Lo: might [.] what I had bothe wrytten and [.] ved: which is that in troughte I w[ould] rather desire her Majesty to send [the] fol.20r
Governer, then ever abyde to see him th[.] hath accused me of treason: Especially having [terme] once my servant and turned away for his villaines, and soche a one as that the stat would have hanged not long sence if they Cowld have Gotten him, and only adv[.] to the place for his knavery against me, Neyther is any man that hath any know ledge of these two, that doe not know to be the most factious and naughty fell[ows] in all these Provinces, wheras in dead, th[.] places in this frounter towne doethe requ[ire] to be furnished with honest and well qual[i] fyed men, and not to be filled with factiou[s] and Mutyned./ I am so long that I feare me I doe [.] your Lo with my tedious busines, but I will Love and honor you: in recompence, and so rest Your Lo assured and most loving frend Edward Norreys.

Postscript: I have wrytten somewhat to Master Gilpin with in very [.]