Letter ID: 1282
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.9r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1282/008
Date: 13 January 1596


Sir, After my hartie Commendacions. Althowgh wee heare have not [herd] from yowe of a longe time, yet I doe not impute it to yowe as anie fawlt in dilligence, but doe thinke the cawse thereof partlie the lack of resolucion theare for your awnsweare theare by the States to suche matters as yowe weare prescribed to popound unto them, and partlie to the hinderance of passage by contrarietie of windes, & tempestious weather: But nowe yowe are to understand, that hir majestie hath sum Cawse to send for Sir Francis Veere, and therefore hath by hir lettres commaunded him to repaire hither with intencion to have sum conference with him for service this present yeare against the Attemptes of the K. of Spaine And therefore hir Majesties pleasure is that yowe shall deale with the States generall theare, and the Counsell also, to license him to retorne hither, with such speed as he maie: & thearein to perswade them that hir Majesties purpose is by conference with them to further sum good exploite against the prowde Attemptes and threates of the Spaniard. And I pray yowe for my informacion to advertise mee by your letter, what nombers yowe thinke are extant of the Englishe people that did voluntarelie goe owt of this Realme to serve under him, and wheare at this time such as be extant do [remaine] & serve. I desire also to knowe what opinion is theare had of the Comte Hohenlo of his affection to the States theare, & whither he be as common report is revolted from them, to the service of the Spaniard, with the newe returned Prince of Orenge and likewise what opinion is had of the disposicion of the said Prince towardes the cawse of the States and his brother Comte Maurice./ I thinke shortlie to heare of the comminge of the Deputies of the States: wishing that by sum good offer to be made by them to hir Majestie your [negotiacion] with them might be the better allowed of hir Majestie. And so for the present I wishe you all good fortune. From the Cort this xiijth of Januarye 1595. Your assured Loving frend William Burghley