Letter ID: 1281
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.8r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1281/008
Date: 12 January 1596


Master Gilpins lettre to your L. will report what hath passed in the Councel of [State] for which it is to no purpose, for me to repete it. But yet I can n[ot but] insinuat, that it troubleth me a litle, that the tenor of my lettre of the [.] December and my name in lyke sort was made knowen to the B[urghers] For albeyt it was true that was signified in it, yet it had bi[n] very requisit for sundrie considerations, aswell for you [and] my self, that my name had bin concealed. I am assured for [.] after, they will alwayes be warie, how they utter that unto m[e] which they would not yow should heare: wherby for want of foreknowledge of many special maters, yow may be many [ways] prejudiced: and to me it will be hurtfull, for that I make f[ull] account, in all affaires whatsoever, apperteining to my serv[ice] they will use me more then ever, with jalousie and silen[ce] Your L. may replie, that it imported yow too muche, to make lig[ht of] suche a slander, and that your frindes in lyke sort ought to st[.] in suche a case. I should joine with yow in one opinion [.] it were not for the circumstance. For first I knowe not, that [.] Baillife was the raiser of that slander, nor I heard of no man [.] and I shall never come to knowe it, howe earnestly soever I sh[all] labor in the mater. Againe your L. may remember that some ly[ke] imputation was couvertly conteyned in the Articles heere [.] against yow, which as then yow did wisely despise and passe [.] so considering this newe mater, is but kindled with the coles of [that] former accusation, I for my part did advise, and so I do [.] that it should be wrapped up with all the former quarels, a[nd] that yow should declare by lettre to that Councel, that for the due[ty and] respect, that yow beare unto them, yow are contented to put [.] suche a notable injurie. For as touching the point wher[e you] are charged; at home, as yow knowe, yow are farre from [.] tion, and heere, as I tould yow, their speeches and opinion [.] honorable of yow: that for your name and reputation, I see n[o] which waye it can be bettered, or impared by any course th[at you] shall take: and of this yow may be sure, that there will n[ot] drawe them heere, to reveale the first author of the foresaid sl[ander.]

I trust the winde hath not served, to carie your lettres into [.] at the lest I doe wishe it, for that I doubt thereupon there wi[ll be] somewhat written hither, that will give them occasion heere, [to re-] nue their late complaints: which will engender suche a we[.] both at home, and also heere of continual contention, as if I [am] not muche deceaved, it will occasion in conclusion an alte[ra-] tion of the garrison. I am not unacquainted with your [L.] sufficiencie, and the sharpnesse of your judgement, for which I [.] would not take upon me, to be so forward with my counsaile [.] but in that part I am moved of the affection that I beare unto yow [.] fol.8v
and partly also I conceave, that no mans ju[dgement] in his owne proper causes. Nevertheles you [.] yow chance to have resolved, that nothing sh[.] yow, from keeping on your course, there shall n[.] part, be more fast and unfained in his frindshi[p] nor shewe him self more readie to stand for your [.] mater that may make for your Honor. And [so I leave] you for this tyme. most hartely saluted. From [The Hague] 12 January

Postscript: Though your servant be departed with your lettres into Engla[nd] be easie for your L. to stoppe any lettre, that shalbe intended by [.] to be written in your behalf, by some litle signification [.] Cecill, that for the better satisfaction of those of this Councel, to[.] desyre of an end, of all that hath passed betweene yow an[d the Bur-] ghers, you are lykwise well pleased to surcease from farther [.]