Letter ID: 1280
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D XII f.7r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1280/008
Date: 09 January 1596


Though your lettre of the 5 be but newly come hither, and the m[.] therein signified asketh tyme to be dealt in, yet having ha[p-] pelie at hand a messenger of Zeland, I can not lette him [.] without giving you notice, that as the wrong that yow sti adv[ertise] is to great to be swallowed, or sleightly overpassed, so ther [.] shall be no want /of [.]/ in me to procure a good redresse, by so[me] orderly proceeding: till when, I knowe yow will goe forw[ard] with that course yow have begonne, in bearing and forbearing and in yeelding them the fruites of more then Common modera[tion.] My opinion is of it, that both the speaker and reporter of the [.] that yow informe, will falle at last to claime their [Clergie], [by] reason of their drunkennesse which might be admitted in so[me] sort, if it did not concurre with some former calumniation Once your lettre to the Councell hath bin read in their meeti[ng] but not the other to the States, for that they came not yet to[ge-] ther: and dyvers of their College of which Barnevelt [is] one, are gone from home for 2 or 3 weekes: but yet If [.] they will resolve for /within/ 2 or 3 dayes, the matter being ma[ni-] fest, and requyring expedition. But I knowe not w[hat] to say to the lettre of the Captaines, for that they specifie no author, nor no proofe of their assertion: but onely [.] at large, that they are wickedly accused, to have had [in-] telligence with the Enemie. Which I knowe not how to p[rose-] cute without some neerer particularitie: unles their m[ea-] ning should be, that where your L. is diffamed, they m[ust] also be concluded in the same accustion. Howsoever [it] I will followe it, as I may, w[t all convenient earnest[nesse] and so I pray yow in my behalf to lette them underst[and.] And for your self I doe not doubt, but all is for the best, [.] that this trouble for the tyme, will occasion your [gayetie] many a day after: wherto you may be sure, I will [put] my helping hand, and to any thing whatsoever may give yow contentation. Hage January 9 95.